What is AppSumo (My Favorite Email I Get All Day)

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  • February 16, 2017

What is AppSumo?

what is appsumo

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that every dollar counts.

Every dollar not spent could be invested elsewhere. It could go back into the business, buy more ads, reward employees, take an online course, you name it.

If you’re like me, when you search for something useful like a business tool, you’ll also add the word ‘coupon’ behind it. In fact, some of you might even email the customer support asking if they have a coupon code stashed away.

That’s me. That’s why today I’m recommending that you subscribe to AppSumo.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo was founded in March 2010 by Noah Kagen and they claim to be THE store for entrepreneurs (I concur). They also state that they are a daily deal website for geeks.


So what does that mean exactly?

Well, I like to think of AppSumo as “my guy.” You know, that guy who knows a guy who knows another guy whose friend can get you a dope deal?

THAT’S AppSumo.

Today, they have over 750,000+ subscribers. If that’s not enough social proof for you, some of you might’ve even heard of SumoMe. Yup, Noah Kagen founded that one too.

What does AppSumo do for you?

AppSumo’s has a large goal in sight – they want to help one million entrepreneurs earn $100,000 with their businesses. To help reach this milestone, they sell courses and tools that start you off on the right foot.

The reason why you get the best of the best deals on AppSumo is their network. They know people. The know folks in the industry, in companies – and they know their cousins and uncles.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get what I mean.

Jokes aside, they do have a large network of people that allows them to reach out to companies (or vice versa) to partner with them in exchange for added exposure.

The best part about is AppSumo is picky. Unlike other daily deal websites, they pick only the best products they know will work for entrepreneurs like you and me.

If they wouldn’t use it, they won’t recommend it. That’s bang for your buck right there.

What AppSumo Offers

AppSumo offers everything that helps business owners, startups, solopreneuers, online marketers, web developers, social media managers, etc.

Very rarely do I get an email from them that doesn’t have at least one thing that makes my mouth water. In fact, many times, I have to force myself not to get something. Trust me when I say they are VERY persuasive. They confidently back their high-quality offering and share them with today’s savvy consumers.

AppSumo has deals on:

  • Business tools/software

  • Online/video courses

  • Web services

  • Digitally distributed items

  • And so much more

Everything you need to level-up yourself, your business or startup while saving a ton of money.

Prices vary from free to paid.

Some of AppSumo’s website content is free, such as their eBooks.

Usually, the best deals are those that you’ll receive when you subscribe to their email newsletter. That’s where they send you limited time offers that get you great deals of around 50% to 90% off.

Once you’ve purchased a product, you’ll then be given directions, the coupon code and link to redeem it on the vendor’s website.

Here’s an example what it looks like:


How to take advantage of AppSumo today

Pretty simple – just head over to their website to subscribe to their newsletter and get notified of awesome deals.

Once you land on their site, a pop-up like this will appear. All you have to do is key in your email address and you’re done.


Here are some of the best deals I got from AppSumo:

Grammarly: This is my go-to linguistic tool. In fact, it’s the best grammar, sentence, and spelling error checker. You can read my full Grammarly review here.

  • Price: $139 yearly.

  • AppSumo deal: $29 a year. (first year)

StockUnlimited: StockUnlimited has 600,000+ graphics and photos that you can use for infographics, designs, etc. Fun fact, the image for this post was made using graphics from these guys!

  • Price: $119 a year

  • AppSumo deal: $49 lifetime access.

Brain.FM: Brain.FM is an algorithmically generated engine intended to create the BEST background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation.

  • Price: $149 lifetime access

  • AppSumo: $25 lifetime access


Those are just a few out of the many deals that are available through AppSumo. Not enough?

Lawtrades Contract Library: I had Free lifetime access to professional legal documents such as a partnership agreement, terms of service, NDA and more.

  • AppSumo deal: FREE 

Grum: This tool allows you to manage and schedule content on Instagram

  • Price: $9.95/month

  • AppSumo deal: $25 lifetime access

Are you starting to get an idea of just how much money you can save with AppSumo to help grow your company? 

How do these tools help my business?

Many of the services I got from AppSumo have helped me tremendously on my business. I’ve saved a ton of cash, saved more time that I could ever imagine while growing my company at the same time.

As a social media consultant, I publish lots of content on a weekly basis.

I write for many blogs (like this). I use Grammarly while writing, I also have Brain.FM playing in the background to help me focus.


I then use StockUnlimited to find relevant and powerful photos to accompany my writing.

Once it is finalized, I share it on my blog, my Twitter, and oh, I use Grum to push it across Instagram too. – maybe with another StockUnlimited photo.

All these were made possible only because I’ve used AppSumo to get a suite of tools to boost my performance. Those tools would have cost me around $500 a year. I pay only $129 (and most of it under lifetime access!) because I got AppSumo’s deals.

That’s just an example scenario of how I use AppSumo. I have many other tools and courses that I’ve gotten from them as well.

Summing Up:

I never knew many of these powerful tools existed until AppSumo recommended them to me. 

I’ve been an AppSumo subscriber since 2013. Don’t believe me, here’s a screenshot of the very first deal I purchased on AppSumo. How many can say that?


What do you think? Are you a Sumo-ling?

What is your best deal that you’ve gotten from it? I would love to hear your comment below.

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  • Hopping over to this website. APPSUMO sounds perfect

  • While some of the deals seem great, our experience has been mixed with AppSumo. A number of the tools were upgraded shortly after we purchased them and required us to make another purchase to get the new features. Not exactly a deal. It’s like buying last year’s model.

    • Hi Christian, thanks for reading and commenting. We’ve not experienced anything like that but can certainly understand it would be frustrating.

      • Understandable @SocialQuant:disqus. We’ve had mixed results. For example, Grammarly was a great deal. For Quuu though, it was updated shortly after with a number of features we would definitely use, but not at the expense of moving to a new subscription model and higher cost.

        • Thank you for sharing your experience @ckarasiewicz:disqus.

          Your comment helps a lot for those who are considering getting something and reading this.


    • Can you name a few, Christian? I’ve been buying from Appsumo for a couple of years now

      • @sampathspeaks:disqus, Quuu was one. They also promoted one called ConvertPlayer recently, which was offered by LeadPages a number of years ago and was called LeadPlayer, which was taken off the market. There are definitely some good deals, but before buying, you may want to check out the websites for the tools they’re selling to see if something new is about to come out.

        • You’re right. I agree @ckarasiewicz:disqus, it’s definitely worth checking to see what you’re getting. Many of the deals are perfect for small business owners or solo entrepreneurs who are starting out. I do see comments from heavy users on their deals who needed more from the packages.

    • @ckarasiewicz:disqus Quuu was one of their most kick-ass deals, I heard. Haven’t bought it though.

      Actually, there are 2 different purposes of Quuu. One is to schedule content and the other is to promote, which is popularly known as Quuu promote. Not sure which one you bought. Btw, ConvertPlayer seems to be a good tool to have.

      • We purchased the scheduler @sampathspeaks:disqus. That is all that they offered. Quuu promote is an additional tool that you have to pay for separately.

  • Lori Appleman

    I have been an AppSumo customer for years and enjoy their extraordinary deals. I absolutely get more than my money’s worth from them. No bias here for it also being a local, Austin, TX business. Didn’t I find you via the Sumo????

    • Awesome! They’re great, right?! We’ve never been featured there, but maybe one day 🙂

  • Thanks for the love Aaron! Mucho appreciated. Tacos on us next time you’re around 🙂

  • Tyler Wilkinson

    OMG I love AppSumo and the whole SumoMe (soon to just me Sumo) crew. Appsumo me is dangers as warned, it makes you buy things you love even when you have your mind set on not buying them at this moment. I don’t know if he was kidding about not opening the emails sometimes, but I am not. Honestly If I feel too impulsive when I read the subject line, I have to skip it. I literally know that I am going to need whatever deal it is they came up with that day. Proud supporter and lover all things Sumo and SocialQuant.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. That’s some powerful marketing/copywriting when you’re literally afraid to open the email cause you know you’ll buy!

  • Great post. I’m sold. Lord knows I can’t get enough when it comes to smart tools to automate my business.

    • Right?! Those emails are like a toy store 🙂