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  • January 11, 2017

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Be honest: when was the last time you checked your Twitter Analytics? It’s alright if it’s been a while (actually, it’s not – but if you’re reading this, you get a pass).

What isn’t measured doesn’t grow. I hear this all the time from my CEO/mentor/bestie, Mike Kawula, the main man here at Social Quant. And you know what? He’s right.

If you’re not measuring your successes (or failures) with your Twitter marketing, you’ll just get more of what you’ve always gotten. Whether you’re doing well on Twitter or not so much, we believe you can always do better.

That’s what this post is all about – how you can start measuring your Twitter marketing efforts with actionable analytics to help you grow your business.

The Fallacy of Twitter’s “Surface Analytics”

Okay, surface analytics isn’t a real term (yet). But what I’m talking about is what you can see about a Tweet without digging deeper. Twitter shows the number of retweets, favorites and replies under a tweet – “surface analytics.”

Let’s play a game. Take a look at the two Tweets below and decide which is the more “successful.”

twitter marketing tweet examplesObviously, the one on the right did better; right?

Not so fast my friend. Let’s take a look under the hood at both of these tweets’ analytics before we make up our minds.twitter analytics for tweet 1twitter analytics for tweet 2Here we have access to the most important metric for most small-medium businesses (SMBs) on Twitter – link clicks. And in that light, the tweet on the left kicked the crap out of the tweet on the right.

Why Link Clicks for Twitter Marketing?

Why, you may ask, are link clicks the most important metric? Because for most SMBs, the goal should be moving people off of Twitter and onto your online property (usually your website) and ultimately into your sales funnel.

How this is done is a subject for an entire post of its own, but it usually involves a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you give away in exchange for contact information you can use to market to.

People can’t convert to leads unless they are clicking on the links in your tweets and coming to your site!

How to Use Analytics to Get More Link Clicks from Twitter

So now that you know what to measure, the question becomes how you can increase the number of link clicks and web traffic you get from Twitter?

Including great images and writing compelling copy are a must and that’s definitely where you should start.

But it’s still guess work when it comes to what’s going to actually resonate with your audience and get you the clicks you’re after. That’s why you NEED to be paying attention to analytics.

Here at Social Quant, traffic to our website is the lifeblood of our business and we get a great deal of traffic from Twitter. So it’s safe to say we’re borderline obsessed with the link clicks metric of Twitter Analytics.

While Twitter’s free analytics are great and we do look at them, they are seriously lacking in one department. If you guessed that department is link clicks, well done!

They show us link clicks, if you dig deep enough, but they don’t break down which tweets they came from. That’s a big problem.

twitter marketing analytics link clicks

If you know which tweets get the most link clicks, you can start to dissect why and replicate that success by sending out those tweets more often and creating more tweets similar to them.

Some Examples from My Twitter Marketing Experience

Let’s take a look at a couple of tweets where I unexpectedly noticed significantly more link clicks than others and my hindsight thoughts on why.

First, let’s take a look at a Tweet I sent to our post of 21 All Star Twitter Marketing Accounts You Need to Follow. I like to experiment with different images from the post to accompany tweets and this one was a home run.twitter marketing garyvee tweetIn this case, I think it was the combination of the image and the hashtags that did the trick. Entrepreneurs tend to love Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s not surprising they want to click and find more accounts like his to follow.

I’ve tweeted this exact tweet 8 times over the past couple months and it averages over 10 link clicks per tweet. Not too shabby.

My takeaway was to keep tweeting this regularly and experiment with similar images from the post. I always make sure to match up the account featured in the image with hashtags their audience would be interested in. The results have been great!

Next, I noticed that when I tweet how-to posts with an screen shot image with red arrows pointing to highlight things, they always get a lot of clicks. For example, take this tweets from our post on Twitter Advanced Search:marketing on twitter tweet of advanced searchIn retrospect, I think including these screenshots in tweets gives people a sense that the post will walk them through the how-to step by step. I’ve since started including screenshots like this from any how-to tweet we publish with great success.

But how can you spot trends like this when Twitter’s Analytics don’t show you which tweets these link clicks came from?

You could download the analytics into an Excel sheet and sort the columns to find out how each individual tweet did in regard to link clicks. I know you could because I’ve actually done this.

Or you could go into the analytics of each individual tweet you send. I also do this when I’m bored or have a few minutes to kill.

But there has to be a better way, right?!

Well, we couldn’t find one so, as a data-driven company, we made one for ourselves. After a day or so of using this, it became clear it was selfish to keep such a useful tool to ourselves. So…

Introducing Twitter Analytics powered by Social Quant!

We’ve just released our beta version of Twitter analytics into Social Quant customers and trial users’ dashboards and we are stoked!

Let’s break it down section by section.

Twitter Analytics Basics

At the top you’ll have your raw numbers. How many link clicks, impressions, retweets, and followers you got, your Quant Score (we’ll get to that in a minute), and how many tweets you sent.

social quant twitter marketing analytics top(Click to enlarge in a new tab)

So what the heck is a Quant Score? It’s kind of like a Klout score that only takes Twitter into consideration.

Social Quant uses its big data capabilities to measure how your engagement compares with other Twitter users. The higher your score, the better you’re doing.

Link Clicks per Tweets

Here’s where thing start to get exciting. This section breaks down exactly how many link clicks each of your Tweets that include a URL received.

There’s also a link next to it so you can jump right to the tweet in question and check it out on Twitter.

twitter marketing analytics clicks(Click to enlarge in a new tab)

A huge takeaway for me was of these top tweets for link clicks, almost all have the same format. They start with a question and make a statement. That’s something I can use and do more of in the future!

Having this information readily available is unbelievably useful and actionable. If you read our post on what our big data says about tweeting frequency, you know you need to tweet a lot to get the most out of your Twitter marketing.

Once you know which ones they are, recycle your best tweets to go out continuously using a tool like SocialOomph or Post Planner. Using this section of your analytics will help you quickly and easily identify which tweets are driving the most traffic. Use that information and make sure those tweets going out regularly.

Keep experimenting with tweets and when you find one that takes off, add it to your schedule of recycled tweets so you can keep that traffic coming over and over again!

Link Clicks per Hashtag(s) Used

In this same section you can toggle to show how many clicks your tweets received when they used particular hashtags and hashtag combinations.

twitter marketing analytics clicks per hashtags

As you can see, when I use #contentmarketing, I tend get a lot of clicks. And I can tell you that’s not a hashtag I use very often – at least it didn’t use to be. Now, when applicable, you can bet I will include #contentmarketing in my tweets.

This info isn’t available anywhere else that I know of and it’s amazingly useful. As much as I pay attention to analytics, I never would have noticed the increased link clicks from using #contentmarketing.

Big Data Suggestions

The last, but certainly not least, section is big data suggestions for hashtags you can experiment with to improve your Twitter marketing. This is really, really cool in my not-so-humble opinion.big data twitter marketing suggested hashtagsSocial Quant has access to a staggering amount of data. We’ve connected over 15 million Twitter accounts and analyzed over a billion tweets. Using big data, our analytics tool employs predictive analytics to provide hashtags suggestions likely to be effective for you.

I won’t pretend to understand how the mad scientists behind the scenes at Social Quant do it. But what I can tell you is they are able to mine Twitter’s data to show you the hashtags that have performed well for accounts similar to yours.

We’re just scratching the surface of  predictive analytics in this beta version of Twitter Analytics powered by Social Quant. Stay tuned as we make updates to provide even more data to make actionable changes in your Twitter marketing strategy.

Where Can You Get Access to These Twitter Analytics?

So now that you see the power of these actionable analytics for your Twitter marketing, you must be wondering where you can get them.

For a limited time, this is free in Social Quant customers’ and trial users’ dashboards. Don’t have a Social Quant account? Good news! We offer a free 14-day trial you can sign up for right now.

And if, for some reason, you’re not interested in getting more Twitter followers, simply sign up for a free trial and only enter only your own Twitter handle in the keywords section on sign up. This will give you access to these awesome new analytics and simply follow accounts that mention your handle on Twitter.

new twitter marketing analytics pinterest

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