Sumo Review: How to Improve Your Content Marketing Now

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  • April 18, 2017

sumo review

You work hard on your blog content. You spend hours writing, proofreading, and designing the perfect graphic to accompany the post.

Finally satisfied, you hit “publish” and send it out into the world.

After all that work, you need to milk every bit of marketing benefits from your blogging efforts, right? Right.

Meet your new content marketing best friend, Sumo.

As you get to know Sumo throughout this post, you’ll see how to:

  • Capture leads before people even read one word of your content

  • Examine your existing content to know how it performs

  • Know exactly what parts of your page/post people are clicking on (and what they aren’t)

  • Get opt-ins or drive traffic to another page before website visitors leave

So come along and get acquainted with the ways Sumo will take your blogging and content marketing to new heights with the following five awesome features!

1. Sumo Weekly Stats Email

How many analytics tools do you check on a regular basis? Be honest.

It’s really easy to set something up and then not keep close tabs on it. Hey, it happens. We’re all busy. And many of us are a one-man (or woman) show, doing it all.

However, Sumo sends weekly stats so you know how your website is performing and if you should make changes. This email may seem like a small thing, but we LOVE it. It reminds us to stay on top of our on-site content marketing efforts.

Here is an example from one of our weekly reports:

sumo review email stats

Take a look at the bottom left, under the Welcome Mat section. Not to toot our own horn, but over almost 9% conversions on a Welcome Mat is insane!

Plus, keep in mind that you can control how often the Welcome Mat is shown to repeat visitors through. We have it set to only show so often to returning visitor so we don’t annoy them.

That said, do the math on how quickly this is growing our email list. 337 new subscribers on one week equals 17,524 new email address in one year for a set it and forget it feature. Not too shabby!

If you’re not sure what a Welcome Mat is, well, that’s next on our list of awesome Sumo features!

2. The Welcome Mat

Even if you didn’t know what it’s called, I’d bet dollars to donuts you’ve seen a Sumo Welcome Mat before. It’s a full-page layover offer that loads as soon as you land on a webpage or blog post.

A Welcome Mat, done correctly, is a powerful tool you can use to offer a lead magnet and build your email list.

This is our Welcome Mat that’s getting the conversion rates I was just bragging about:

social quant welcome mat

Notice that the page overlay is simple and to the point. Remember, these people just landed on your site to read your content. Make your Welcome Mat easy to digest and act upon. Visitors will be anxious to get to their intended destination, so you’ll only have a quick second to grab their attention and drive them to action.

Rebekah Radice – who has an amazing social media marketing blog, just in case you don’t know – demonstrates exactly how to make a Welcome Mat simple and enticing so people will take your offer and still move on to the content.

Notice how the messaging is extremely short but also very powerful. It offers something anyone visiting her site wants – more engagement – and a clear, easy way to get it – with 100 engaging questions to ask on social media.

rebekah radice sumo review

Here’s another great example of a full-page opt-in from our friends at Post Planner:

post planner full page opt in

I love how they set it to have only two options to move past the full-page layover: you can either opt in or chose the option “NO THANKS, I’LL KEEP ON DOING WHAT I’M DOING.” It’s a subtle way to push people towards the opt-in and it works!

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3. The Exit Intent Popup/Scroll Box

Popups are super annoying, right? But websites use them for a reason. They work.

That said, not all popups are created equal. My personal favorite is the exit intent popup, which doesn’t appear until someone’s mouse moves to the top of the screen to navigate away from the page.

At that point, the popup appears in order to dangle a very enticing offer and capture emails or direct people to another page with an offer.

The reason I prefer exit intent pop-ups is because they are less intrusive. They don’t interrupt someone in the middle of reading your content. Instead, it presents them a last minute offer when they were leaving anyway.

John Lee Dumas has doubled up with a Welcome Mat AND an exit intent pop up on his Entrepreneur on Fire website. And with $490,000 in earnings in March, we think it’s safe to assume John knows the value of an email address. Here’s a look at his exit intent pop up with the beautiful Welcome Mat underneath:

sumome review

There’s also the scroll box option where a opt-in box will slide in from the side after a visitor has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page. Again, these are less intrusive as they typically don’t cover the content you’re reading.

Here’s a great example of a Scroll Box from Jaime Masters on her site Eventual Millionaire:


Think about your offer strategically as well. You can set a different exit intent pop up or scroll box for each page on your site, so make the offer relevant to the info they are or just were viewing.

If you aren’t using a popup of some kind, I highly encourage you to start, since you could be missing out on a prime opportunity to move your website traffic over to your email list.

Like I said, they work.

4. Content Analytics

This is one of the best features available through Sumo, although I’ll warn you, it can also be kind of depressing when you see how LITTLE people read.

This analytics feature shows you how many people are reading your content and exactly how far they get through the article.

When you have Sumo plugin installed on a WordPress site, you’ll see the Sumo logo on the right side of the screen with options to choose from. The one that looks like an eye shows you the content analytics:


You can control the Content Analytics campaign with the box that appears at the top (more on this in a moment). This box also will show you right away how far the average reader got.

In this case, 85% – a very good showing for the post “Twitter Marketing Not Working For You? 9 Mistakes To Avoid.” (Samantha Kelly, AKA @TweetingGoddess, hit a home run for us with this post!)

sumo content analytics


As you can see, the top of the screen starts out red with 100% of your readers seeing the content, and then gradually change color as you scroll down, showing you the number of readers dropping off as you scroll downward.

It will even show you exactly where the drop-offs to occur.

sumo content analytics progress

In this case, at 40% of the post we still have 68% of the readers with us.

So why is this such a game-changer?

(And no, this is NOT a message from the universe telling you to get out of the content marketing business.)

1. You know how interested your audience is in the content.

If your website traffic is only scrolling as far as your first main point before clicking away, there probably is an issue with your content. Maybe the title is misleading and they aren’t seeing what they want when they land on the blog. Or perhaps your content just isn’t juicy enough and needs to be revamped.

If you do edit your content based on Sumo’s Content Analytics, you can restart the stats with a new campaign by clicking the stop button in the box at the top we saw earlier. Then restart a new campaign by clicking the play button. You’ll start the stats over and can use the arrows to toggle between the old and new campaign. This allows you to see how your changes are performing.

By doing this, you’ll learn a lot about the quality of your content by seeing how long you’re able to hold your audience’s attention.

2. You now know where to place the first call to action.

A lot of times we’re inclined to put the first call to action (CTA) at the bottom. We don’t want to come across as too “salesy.”

But what if only a few people are actually REACHING the bottom of the blog post to even SEE that CTA?

By seeing how far people are reading down your post, you can start with your CTA high on the page or move it higher if the majority of people aren’t scrolling far enough.

But then you have to wonder… is anyone actually clicking your CTA? Which leads me into the next game-changing feature Sumo offers…

5. Heat Map

This feature allows you to see how many people are clicking within your post and where, exactly, they’re clicking.

To access the Heat Map, go back to the Sumo menu and choose the fire icon:


Once you pull it up, it looks like this:

sumo heat map

So how is this game-changing?

Well for starters, you’ll know if your readers are (or are NOT) clicking on your CTA. In this case, people were taking us up on our offer to get the free book. However, the sidebar image isn’t getting any clicks.

If that’s the case, you might want to try something different – add an image, change the image, or create a different call to action – in order to generate more clicks. In our example above, we could try adding a button to the sidebar to make it more obvious that it’s clickable.

You’ll also know if people are clicking on something that ISN’T clickable.

For example, you may have inserted an image as an example in the post (like the one I inserted above). And after posting, you realize that people are actually clicking on it, expecting to be taken somewhere.

If that’s the case, you should definitely link that image to another, relevant page.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your content marketing be just another task you check off your list.  Make your content a pivotal piece of your overall traffic and conversion strategy, the way it should be.

Use Sumo’s powerful tools to improve your content marketing, automate your email conversions, and track your success.

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  • pranita deshpande

    Thanks from the bottom of heart , i am already using sumo tool but some where i have not followed it’s rule, ok now i am redesigning my site & i will make it perfect. Thanks again for the post at proper time.

    • Hey Pranita! Thanks for reading and commenting! LOVE when we can be in the right place at the right time! 🙂

  • Willy Simons

    Nice write David. The number of marketing tools is mind-boggling and reviews like this are very insightful. I never used Sumo, but find the sections on Content Analytics and Heat Map very intruiging. The thought that few people get to the end of my articles or click anywhere is scary though!

    • Hey Willy! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, those tools are awesome and kinda scary at the same time. But better to know, even if it’s not-so-great news so you can do something about it 😉

  • Rose Marie Leo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great article

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Rose – glad you found value in the post 🙂

  • Corey Hinde

    Super article. I’m a huge fan of Noah’s stuff, it just works. Thanks for the article.

    • Hey Cory, for sure Noah is the man! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Mathukutty P.V.

    Is content analysis and heat map available in free version also? I have Sumo free version only.

    • Hey Mathukutty, I believe those are only available with the paid version, but I’m not 100% sure (since we have the paid). If you have it, you could access it through the WordPress dashboard 🙂