Introducing SQ Manage: A Brand New Tool From Social Quant

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  • November 16, 2017

We are SUPER excited to introduce you to a new done-BY-you Twitter growth tool from Social Quant, SQ Manage.

Social Quant is already the leader in done-FOR-you Twitter growth (now known as SQ Pro). But we also get there are times when you want a little more control over your Twitter growth.

So, we’ve just released version 1.0 of SQ Manage with super low Early Bird pricing and get our coming soon tool, SQ Engage, free as long as your account stays active. This deal won’t last long and as soon as SQ Engage is ready, we will be updating this post and be selling both separately and at full price. Click here to see the Early Bird deal now!

Check out this short video to see SQ Manage in action:

We’ll constantly update the SQ Manage to make it the best, most efficient done-BY-you Twitter growth tool in existence. In fact, the first round of updates are already on their way!

Right now, here’s what you can do with version 1.0 of this amazing new service:

Account Suggestions from Social Quant’s Advanced Algorithm

When you sign up for SQ Manage, simply enter the keywords your target audience are tweeting and we’ll give you up to 250 suggestions per day to follow.

The Social Quant algorithm will search Twitter for accounts actively tweeting your keywords and serve them up in the “Follow Suggest” section.

To get started, select the “Keywords” option on the SQ Manage dropdown menu.

sq manage keywords


This is where you choose keywords from our database. Just start typing and any available keywords will auto-populate in the search box.

sq manage select keywords


Once you’ve selected your keywords, your suggested accounts will be available under the Follow Suggest option.




And, again, you’ll get a fresh set of results from our algorithm every day.

Account Search with Filters to Find the Perfect Users to Follow

Once you’re done with the suggested accounts, you can do your own custom search for users to follow.

Select the “Account Search” option from the sidebar.


Here you can enter in your keyword or key phrase in the search box (comma separate terms to search multiple ones at once). You can also select to search in account bios, tweets, or both.

sq manage account search options


Quick tip: we find that using hashtags and the handles of other big Twitter accounts as keywords returns the most relevant results for you to follow.

Optional Filters

Here is a breakdown of the optional filters available for you to refine your search and find awesome accounts to follow in no time.

sq manage optional filters

1. Location Filter

Enter a location to narrow the search to specific geographies, perfect for local businesses that only want followers near them.

2. Only Search for Verified Accounts

Check this box to limit your search to only verified accounts. This is a great way to curate a list of industry influencers you want to follow.

3. Only users following at least [] accounts

Select this option and fill in the box to limit the search to accounts following at least that many accounts.

4. Only users with at least [] followers

Select this option and fill in the box to limit the search to account with at least that many followers.

5. Only accounts following back at least [] followers

Select this option to filter out accounts with a high ratio of following to followers.

This is based on a percentage of following to followers. An account that is following exactly the same number of accounts as it is following is 1.00.

If, for instance, you only want to see accounts that have at least 60% of accounts following them back, enter .60 in this field.

By limiting your search to this minimum, you’ll avoid accounts that are following way more people than are following them (typically new or spam accounts).

6. Only show active accounts

Select this option to see only accounts that have actively tweeted in the past 30 days.

We highly recommend leaving this option selected as, obviously, inactive accounts are highly unlikely to follow you back.

Sorting Results

Once you have your filters in place, you can sort the results from lowest to highest (or vice versa) by how many followers they have, how many they are following, or their follow back percentage. By default, SQ Manage sorts from lowest follow back percentage to highest.

sq manage sort results


Unfollow Accounts with Optional Filters

Select the “Unfollow” option to, you guessed it, find accounts to unfollow.



Each account will display a number indicating in what order your followed the account.

For instance, if you are following 1,234 accounts, the last account you followed is displayed as the “1,234th person you followed.”



And if you used SQ Engage to follow the account, there will be a green time-stamp of exactly when you followed them. This allows you to customize the number of days you want to give accounts to follow you back before you unfollow them.

sq manage unfollow date

The optional filters for unfollowing include the same three that allow you to filter by following, followers, and follow back percentage. Plus, you can also filter to show only accounts that don’t follow you back, inactive accounts, or both.

sq manage unfollow optional filters


My Verified Followers

Finally, you can quickly and easily find verified Twitter accounts that are following you but you’re not following back with the My Verified Followers feature.

Simply select this option from the dropdown menu.

sq manage menu verified followers


Boom! You’ll never miss following back a verified account if you just check this section once a day.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the new SQ Manage. Spend 15-20 minutes per day using the tool and you’ll see hundreds of new followers per week (thousands per month), more engagement on your Tweets, and more traffic back to your website.


Click the button below to see the Early Bird pricing on SQ Manage with SQ Engage included for free when it’s ready!

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