Case Study: A “Lovely” Rebranding Strategy from Userlane

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  • March 15, 2017

rebranding strategy case study

Feel like Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic but not so sure it can have a direct impact on sales? Think again!

In this rebranding strategy case study you’ll learn how one marketer and his team used Twitter and a whole lot of creativity to achieve a huge spike in website visits, media attention and new demo requests for their software.

I recently caught up with Andy Mura, Head of Inbound Operations at Userlane. Userlane is a B2B software solution designed to explain software in real time to users (a great solution for companies looking to automate and simplify user on-boarding or staff training).

His site is Userlane and you can find his Twitter account at @UserlaneHQ.

The campaign was a huge success, but it wasn’t only because of Twitter. Mura had a lot of things in place that made sure it was a great launch.

So let’s dive in and take a look at the campaign as a whole from start to finish.

Goal: Increase Website Traffic and Promote Company through Rebranding Strategy

Userlane decided to launch their new website, complete with new logo and branding, on Valentine’s Day.

In order to gain extra attention, they turned their rebranding strategy announcement into a romantic story between Felix and Hannah, two individuals who can’t understand each other. In the story, they reveal that Felix is a human being and Hannah is a machine.

Userlane is the solution that allows the two to interact.

Strategy: Use Twitter to Alert and Engage Influencers and Potential Clients About Campaign

Mura set up the company Twitter account in January. Every morning he would check all new followers and divide them into three different private lists: potential clients, influencers/bloggers/journalists, and decision makers. This step was essential during the campaign.

Pre-Launch Checklist

Some of the things that Userlane had in place to make the rebranding strategy successful:

  • Twitter lists to keep track of influencers

  • Social Quant for quickly boosting the number of followers

  • Medium for posting the love story

  • Buzzstream for reaching out to influencers and letting them know about the rebranding campaign

  • Custom Python script that allowed them to download and resize every picture of the Twitter users on the lists, add them to a Google Drive folder and automatically name them with the user’s Twitter handle

  • Batch processing automation that they designed to create the Tinder-like pictures in Photoshop

  • Custom batch automation tool to convert picture names into Twitter handles and enter them into a spreadsheet with tweets. Each of them started with the @handle of each person plus the actual tweet and hashtag to go into a scheduling tool

  • Custom-designed automation tool to send a tweet + picture + mention + picture tag every three minutes

The Launch

On Valentine’s Day Userlane published the love story to the popular blogging platform, There they were able to explain the logo and the love story behind its design.

medium post rebranding strategy

They used their own custom Python script to create a picture for every Twitter follower who was in their private VIP lists to start a personalized outreach program.

The pictures were designed to look like photos in Tinder, the popular dating app. Each had a photo had a photo of the person they were addressing, a heart, the new logo and the text, “Is it a match?”

They then used their own custom-designed scheduling tool to create a public tweet for every person in their private lists.

Because the tool was designed to not only post a tweet with a picture and @mention, but also to tag the Twitter user in the image as well, users received two notifications for the campaign, a decision made strategically to garner more attention.

Using humor (the Tinder-like photos) encouraged users to click through to the site to see what was in store for them.

rebranding strategy tweet

Once on the site, users were met with a banner that asked, “Will you be my Valentine?” When the user pressed ‘yes,’ they would see hearts and the word ‘Great’ bounce around the screen with funny background music. Pressing ‘no’ would just close the banner and play sad music.

In order to drive further traffic to their love story, Userlane pinned a tweet to the top of their Twitter profile with the link to Medium. They also promoted the rebranding strategy campaign on Facebook and other channels.

Case Study Results

As a result of the rebranding campaign, Userlane saw a huge spike in visits to the website, increased media attention and new demo requests. They also saw a sizable increase in Twitter followers at that time.

Summary of results:

  • 450% increase in website traffic on Valentine’s Day

  • 100% increase in Twitter impressions and engagement on day of launch

  • A sustained 80% increase in website traffic since the campaign

  • A sustained 300% increase in demo requests following campaign

Great results, but there is always room for improvement.

Userlane noticed that as the campaign progressed, the overall engagement decreased. Mura explains, “After a while, I guess, people who were still very important to us and who we really wanted to address and start a conversation with didn’t actually feel that special because of the sheer number of messages we sent out. Next time we’re going to address a smaller number of influencers.”

Regardless, it’s obvious that Twitter can be a powerful tool for engaging influencers and driving traffic for a launch. Hopefully this has given you some fresh ideas for how you can utilize Twitter during your upcoming campaigns.

I would love to hear other creative ways you have used Twitter for your business. Please share your story in the comments below. You may even find yourself featured in our next case study!

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    ooh, great story. It is inspiring for us. There are indeed so many different ways we can use Social Media. The real subject is how to come up with the original idea

    • Indeed, ideas aren’t always easy to come up with. But once you have one, we feel this was a great was to execute 🙂 – thanks for reading and commenting!