Podcasting 101: How to Boost Any Business with a Podcast

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  • December 6, 2017

It’s no secret that podcasts are blowing up right now.

People are busier than ever, and podcasts are an awesome way to consume content on the go or while multitasking.

The best part? You can leverage the popularity of podcasts to grow your business.

A big mistake a lot of content creators make is thinking that podcasts must be a business unto themselves.

The truth is, many are successfully leveraging podcasts to establish authority, drive traffic, and get leads for their existing business…and you can too.

Like blogging, podcasting is just another way of utilizing content marketing for your business.

Social Quant’s CEO, Mike Kawula, saw the power of podcasts first-hand at the 2017 Podfest conference.

Mike has been a guest on many podcasts, but even he was surprised to see exactly how many businesses are harnessing the power of this medium for traffic and lead generation.

That said, there a few nuances to podcasting you’ll need to know before getting started.

To that end, I recently caught up with Chris Krimitsos, founder of Florida Podcasters Association, who shared some of his best advice for anyone thinking of launching their own podcast.

In this post we’ll discuss:

What podcasting is (it’s more than just interviews)

 How to come up with topic ideas for your podcast

 How to drive traffic and get leads for your business with your podcast

• Some pro tips from Chris for an awesome podcast

podcasting 101

Ready? Let’s get to it…

What is Podcasting, Exactly?

As Chris explained to me, podcasting has established a reputation as being an interview show. And while this is certainly understandable, as many podcasters have chosen to pursue the interview format, your show doesn’t have to follow that model.

Chris explains that podcasting is just “searchable audio content available on demand.”

So, while you could use your podcast to conduct interviews with leaders in your niche, you could also use it to share your best advice for aspiring musicians, give parenting tips, or even just provide short guided meditations.

In other words, your podcast can be anything you want it to be.

It’s time to let go of the idea that you must do interviews.

What Should I Talk About on a Podcast?

One of the greatest fears that people have is of running out of content ideas, especially if you AREN’T doing interviews. But this doesn’t need to be something you’re worried about!

First, if you’re blogging for your business (and I bet most of you are), you’ve already got podcast topics at your fingertips.

You can go back through old blog posts and record an audio version of the content. Boom! That’s a podcast episode and an opportunity to update old content with an audio embed.

To see what this type of podcast format looks like, check out the Brand Authority Podcast from Rebekah Radice.

Rebekah has been putting out amazing content for entrepreneurs and brands for what feels like forever. Her podcast is the same type of information, just in a different format (one people are going crazy for these days).

And when you’re ready to start creating content from scratch for your podcast, you’re a quick transcription away from a blog post that can also rank and drive traffic from search engines.

Another option is to create a short podcast series, addressing a specific topic you’re an expert in. Doing so will help you establish authority and build trust with prospects.

Chris encourages business owners, at the very least, to take the FAQs off your website and put them in audio form on a podcast.

Then, when you meet potential customers and they ask you one of those frequently asked questions, you can just send them a link to your podcast episode. This gives you the opportunity to build greater trust and rapport as you have multiple touch points with that person: first in person, then in the car on the way home and then, possibly later, when they discuss the answer to the question with their spouse or significant other.

These are just a couple of ideas, but the point is, you don’t need to let your fear of running out of content hold you back.

Just plan from the beginning to broadcast less frequently. Then, as you grow more comfortable, you can increase the frequency of broadcasts.

Podcasting to Feed Your Funnel

Monetization is the goal for some podcasters. But for others, a podcast is simply a way of getting in front of a new audience and driving them into your pipeline. There are a few ways you can do this:


“Narrowcasting” is a term that Chris coined to define the practicing of finding a very specific niche and then “owning it.”

If you have a general topic, you’re going to have a tough time standing out in the crowd. (And if you ever want to monetize, you’ll have to hit crazy high download numbers.)

However, by podcasting on a very specific topic that would only be of interest to a very specific person, you have the chance to get in front of key decision makers who might not otherwise have ever taken your call.

For example, Gabe Aluisy of Private Club Radio narrowcasts to managers of private golf clubs. Within one year, as a result of that podcast, he was making big money as a consultant within that space.

Drive Traffic to Free Offers With your Podcast

Katie Krimitsos uses her Biz Women Rock Podcast to drive traffic back to her website and into her funnel.

From the podcast she promotes her free offer to get people back to her site and onto her email list.

And, of course, once they’re on her site, they can see the other products and services that she has to offer. Something to consider, also, is that by the time one of her listeners visits her site, she has already, essentially, pre-qualified them.

They are a warm lead and far more likely to purchase or at least opt-in. Anyone who opts in as a result of her podcast is very likely to buy from her at some point. As a result, her Facebook page gets tons of engagement from a community of over 25,000. And her Facebook group is also massive with almost 5,000 Biz Women actively engaging daily.

Conduct Conference Interviews

Conferences are designed to cater to a specific niche, right?

So, what if you were to acquire a booth at a conference and offer to interview the other sponsors?

Suddenly you have positioned yourself, virtually overnight, as a leader in your niche through your interview series.

Even without a booth, conferences are still great opportunities to get brief interviews with power players in your niche.

Diane Daniels of Medicare Nation podcast, for example, went to the Red Cross conference and scored an interview with the President of the Red Cross, something that likely would never have happened outside of that event.

Pro Tips for Launching Your Own Podcast

Okay, so let’s say I’ve convinced you to go ahead and take the plunge into podcasting.

I won’t get into the step-by-step process of how to record and set up your podcast. But I do want to pass on some pro tips that Chris shared with me.

Consistency in Podcasting is Key

At the beginning of this article, I talked about some different options for the frequency of your broadcasting. You could do a series, have seasons, broadcast daily, weekly, etc. It really doesn’t matter what you choose.

The key is to be CONSISTENT.

If you’re broadcasting consistently but suddenly disappear for a month, you may lose your audience entirely. Keep a calendar of with at least a few shows ready to go in case the unexpected comes up and you’re not able to produce a show on schedule.

Optimize the Podcast Name for Search

If you want your podcast to be found, it’s essential to optimize the name of your podcast for searches. For example, the Addiction podcast took off when they changed the name from “Point of No Return – The Addiction Podcast” to “Addiction Podcast – Point of No Return.”

So, when brainstorming name ideas, use relevant, high-traffic keywords and put the keywords at the beginning of the title.

Building Credibility by Podcasting

Think you will never be able to get some “big name” on your show?

Think again!

Many of today’s celebrities are millennials who “get” the power of podcasting.

All you have to do is register for a pro account on IMDB, the internet movie database, and send an invitation to their agent.

If they like your show, they’ll likely accept. Keep in mind, however, while celebrities bring credibility to your podcast, they may not create a lot of additional buzz.

Celebrities are interviewed all the time on radio and podcasts. That means they won’t do any promotion for the episode the way other people may.

Wrapping Up

Ready to jump into podcasting with both feet? Now you have the tools to go out and get started today.

So, let’s hear from you. Any questions about podcasting I didn’t address? Let me know in the comments section below!


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