Lead Generation: How to Create a Powerful Lead Magnet on Twitter

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  • November 30, 2016

lead generation

If you’re marketing on Twitter, lead generation should be your goal. You want to get people off of social media and into your sales funnel.

So why Twitter?

It’s no secret Twitter is one of my favorite platforms.

I’ve dedicated a great deal of time to understand how it works, what works best and how to utilize the power of Twitter.

In my experience, Twitter is one of the best platforms to grow a following and converting them to subscribers and leads through lead magnets. The best part is that using these lead generation techniques doesn’t have to cost you a dime!

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is simply an offer of something of value in exchange contact information – usually an email address.

Some example of lead magnets are:

  • Free eBooks/Reports

  • Helpful Templates

  • Cheat Sheets

  • Infographics

  • Content Upgrades

  • Free Webinars

  • Free Trials

  • & More

The good news is your lead generation offer doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated.  For me, a great lead magnet is something I can take in before I’m done with my cup of coffee in the morning.

I get asked all them time about how to convert followers to leads – so that’s what we’ll be covering today.

I’ve broken it down into two sections:

1. Grow a targeted following.

2. Create a lead magnet and promote it.

Part 1: Grow a targeted following

The first step is quick to cover but absolutely essential. You need build a targeted Twitter following for your business. After all, you need people who will be willing to take you up on your lead generation offer!

A mistake people make is blindly following anyone and everyone. While you can grow a following that way, you won’t get people that convert into leads. You need to be seeking out the right people who are interested specifically in what you have to offer.

To do this you can:

  • Follow followers of leaders in your industry

  • Follow people sharing a particular news or blog post

  • Follow people based on what they are tweeting about

  • Follow people in existing Twitter lists

Or you can automate this process of growing a targeted following with a tool like Social Quant.

Part 2: Create a lead magnet and promote it

The second step is figuring out what your followers want and offering it to them.

I like to do research through Buzzsumo. It’s an awesome tool that allows me to see the top-shared blog posts in my industry.

All I to do is search a particular keyword and Buzzsumo spits out endless ideas. Shhhh!


If you’re in the fitness industry, try searching for fitness tips. Check out the first two results I got from that search:

  • Women’s fitness tip: This can be tweaked to fit your demographic.

    • Eg: Ultimate Fitness Tips for Moms

  • Fitness chart ideas: Wonderful idea to give this away as your lead magnet. After all it has over 53,000 shares.

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Use keywords that would attract your demographic. Figure out their pain points and give them a solution.

Next, create your lead magnet and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest.

After you’ve created your lead magnet, it’s time to promote it. There are endless ways to promote your lead gen content once it’s created. I advise you take advantage of every channel for lead generation. In this post, I’ll show you how to do it effectively on Twitter.

How to Promote Your Lead Magnet on Twitter

1. Promote your lead magnet in your Twitter Bio

Here is something you may not know. You can promote your lead magnet through your Twitter bio and the URL provided by Twitter.

This means you get TWO places to feature your lead generation content.

This is an excellent opportunity to link directly to two different landing pages. In fact, they can even be two different lead magnets.

Check out this example from Viveka von Rosen to get a better idea of what I mean by two URLs:


These links can be used to generate leads for two different websites too.

Check out Ann Handley‘s profile promoting URL for two separates websites.


2. Promote lead generation via your Twitter cover

Another way to promote your lead magnet is through a custom Twitter cover image.

If you don’t have any design skills and don’t have the budget to hire a designer, I recommend using Canva.

Or you can pay someone to create you a simple cover photo on Fiverr. It will cost you $5 for one, but you’ll get a decent cover photo.

I also recommend you to join Social Quant’s 14 Day Twitter Marketing That Sells Challenge. In Day 2 of the challenge, there’s a great tutorial on creating a cover photo that converts.

This is powerful for those who visit your profile to learn more about you.

I love this example from Donna Moritz. She has a great cover photo, an arrow that points to the links in the bio, and two links like we talked about in our first point.


3. Promote your lead magnet through a series of Tweets

I recommend you promote your lead magnet through a series of Tweets. This gets the word out fast and allows you to A/B test and find the message that generates the most leads.

All you have to do is post a link to the same lead magnet with a mix of different headlines and visuals. By mixing things up, you’ll be able to Tweet your lead magnet out a lot. Pay attention to your analytics to get a feel for what message is resonating best and then make more Tweets based on that for optimal results.

Once you’ve figured out what’s converting well, move onto point 4.
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4. Promote lead generation with a pinned Tweet

Once you have found the Tweet that converts the best, pin that Tweet to the top of your profile. All you have to do is click on the three dotted icon for more options and select “pin to profile.” According to Buffer, pinned Tweets receive more clicks, favorites and retweets, like way more!


Your pinned Tweet will attract a lot of attention. It will increase also increase the number of leads you get from Twitter. Every time someone visits your profile page, they will see your pinned Tweet right at the top. This is one of the best opportunities to drive traffic to your offer if you’re growing your Twitter account as advised in Step 1 of this post.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a great example that show the power of an effective pinned Tweet:

Leonard Kim has gotten over 1,000 link clicks to his lead generation offer though one pinned Tweet!



5. Promote your lead magnet through a Twitter ad campaign

If you have the budget, consider launching a Twitter campaign to get more exposure for your lead magnet. I recommend Twitter’s lead generation card.


You will also get detailed conversion tracking data. That will help you see what is working and allow you to customize your Twitter campaign to perform even better. As usual, remember to A/B test your campaigns.

6. Repost your lead magnet often and consistently

A strategy many people shy away from is reposting your lead magnets consistently. This is a huge mistake.

Remember, you’re growing new Twitter followers every day (or should be).

Make sure these new followers have an opportunity to see your lead magnet by Tweeting it out at least every few days. Use different headlines and images if you’re afraid to look too repetitive.

After many experiments, I’ve found that people can’t tell that I’m repeating something, as they’ve probably missed those tweets.

Just schedule them and spread them through your content strategy. YOU are the master of your repost tweets.

Pro tip

While this is focused on Twitter, make sure you’re also promoting your lead magnets on your blog with:

  • Sidebars

  • Pop-ups

  • Landing pages

  • Sumome welcome mats

We don’t want to waste any traffic. Here’s great example of a welcome mat on my of my favorite writer Jeff Goin‘s blog.


It has a great call to action with solid numbers it can back up. Who wouldn’t want 100k readers in 18 months, right?!

Summing up:

If you want to grow your business using Twitter. You need to have a lead magnet to start to generate leads.

Next nurture those leads through your funnel and turn them into buyers.

What do you think?

Are there any methods you use that I have not include? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Good stuff, thanks!

    • Hey Jonathan, so glad you enjoyed the post! Are you currently using a lead magnet to build your email list? 🙂

      • I’m not right now because I don’t have the money to set up an email program with auto response for it. I have multiple ideas for a lead magnet and I plan on implementing it ASAP to help build buzz for a book I’m writing.

        • Awesome! When you have it done, share a link here and we can all check it out if you like 🙂

        • Hi Jonathan. Mailchimp has a free option for this that will be free up to 2k subscribers to get you started. Good luck!

          • Thanks! I have a Mailchimp account right now but I was under the impression that you needed to pay to get an auto respond feature with an attachment when someone opted in. Is that not right? That’s how I read their chart but I could be wrong.

          • My bad. I didn’t realize you couldn’t do any autoresponders with it. Sorry. Looks like you can with SalesAutopilot, just limited to 400/mo in the free version.

          • No worries. Thanks for your help!

          • MailerLite also has a free option with autoresponder. (fyi)

  • Lovely tips. I do forget to tweet it out regularly though. I need to add it to my scheduler and test it before adding something to my pin.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Sara! Testing is key but as soon as you can get it up and pinned to your profile page I think you’ll see a lot of traffic go to it (assuming you’re also aggressively building your following). Cheers!

      • Just following up: I did add a lead magnet to my Twitter. Now, I’ll “aggressively” build my following. ^_^

        • Good stuff! Have you thought about a free trial of Social Quant to help with your following? 🙂

          • I’ve considered it. Still need to set time aside to review it.