Popamatic Review: How to Crush Instagram Marketing (By the Book)

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  • August 16, 2017

Popamatic – An Instagress Alternative

popamatic review

Okay, I admit it – I was disappointed when Instagress shut down.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in the importance of engaging organically. But the reality is, if you want to grow your business, you can’t spend hours a day on Instagram and many small business owners and solopreneurs don’t have the budget for a social media manager to grow an Instagram following.

So, like everyone else, I turned to Google and searched for alternatives to Instagress. That turned up a Reddit thread where people were discussing that very topic.

One user wrote, “You could try another bot or you could just hire an Instagram assistant on Popamatic for almost the same price and get all the features that Instagress had + also grow your account organically.”

I had toyed with the idea of hiring another employee in the Philippines to manually grow the account.  But if I could hire an “Instagram assistant” for just $39 per month, it was worth the money. (After all, the time it would save me by not having to do it myself was worth it.)

So I decided to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Popamatic as a replacement for Instagress.

Here’s why I continued using the service:

1) Real people do the work at Popamatic, not bots

This is really the primary difference between Instagress and Popamatic. There are real people manually following and commenting. Unlike Instagress, this keeps you compliant with Instagram’s Terms of Service. And Popamatic can add more complex services in the future – tasks that bots just aren’t capable of completing.

The Popamatic staff manually go through all of the targeting options that you define. Once they identify ideal targets, they start following, liking and (if you want) commenting on photos based on the filters you set.

While bots, like the ones Instagress used, can be effective, the truth is they DID sometimes like pictures that were inappropriate.

For example, Instagress once followed a woman in a suggestive pose for a client’s Christian-based business account. Imagine my client’s surprise on that occasion – yikes, right?!

instagram service alternative to instagress

A real person will recognize when the hashtags don’t match a picture. And, of course, they’ll spot porn right away – a way better alternative to Instagress in that regard.

1) Popamatic has awesome targeting options

If you’re growing a targeted following manually, there are a few ways you might do it:

• Perform a hashtag search to engage with content and follow users who used those hashtags

• Follow or engage with people who followed your competitors or leaders in your industry

• Use the advanced search to target based on geographic location (this is powerful, similar to Twitter’s Advanced Search)

You get those exact methods for targeting your ideal client with Popamatic! Just enter the targeted hashtags your ideal clients use into the dashboard.

Popamatic also makes recommendations for related hashtags that you might want to include. You can even specify Instagram users and target users who are following them.

You also get the option of targeting users based on their geographic location – an essential for brick and mortar businesses.

Finally, to protect you against negative content, you can create a Blacklist.  This feature identifies specific users you don’t want to follow and hashtags to avoid. Popamatic assistants avoid engaging with inappropriate content. Still, the Blacklist reduces the likelihood that something might slip through as a result of human error.

3) Popamtic has powerful filtering tools

I love that Popamatic allows me to filter based on the media age and size of the account.

Why does this matter?

Selecting a media age of one week, or even one day, filters out the less active accounts. Those Instagram users are unlikely to follow you back or engage with you. You want to follow ACTIVE accounts, which is what makes the “media age” filter so useful.

The Min/Max Likes and Min/Max Followers are used to filter out very small and very large accounts. For example, someone with only a few followers is probably not active. Those accounts are unlikely to follow you back.

If you want to follow regular people (not massive Instagram accounts that don’t engage), set a “Max Followers” of 1000. This filters out large accounts and helps you target the average Instagram user.

The result is people more likely to notice that you’re engaging with their content. Those people often come and check out your Instagram page, which is exactly what you want.

popamatic filters

4) Popamatic includes customized scheduling

I love that they make it so easy to create an engagement schedule. As you can see in the picture below, they offer engagement 24/7. That means business hours, weekends and lunch, and at random times (see the screen shot below).

You can easily add or remove times based on your preference. But these quick start options make it easy to hit the ground running. I recommend starting slow with Popamatic. Also, make sure you take into consideration when your target market is hanging out on Instagram.

For example, I’m in the midst of starting a new project aimed at helping young entrepreneurs. I’m specifically targeting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to raise a child with entrepreneurial skills.

Since I use Popamatic to grow my audience, I need to focus my activity on when those people are online. For this audience, I’ll start with random hours and slowly increase the level of activity over time.

popamatic scheduler

My Popamatic Recommendations

If you use a service like Popamatic in addition to engaging manually, schedule it off when you plan to engage. This reduces the risk of activity overlaping.

I would also recommend turning off the commenting feature. Even though it’s a real person commenting, they aren’t you and the comments can appear spammy. I would stick to just liking and following.

So what do you think of Popamatic as an alternative to Instagress? Will you give it a try? Good luck and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

popamatic review pinterest

Author Sheena White

Sheena White is a copywriter and social media strategist who helps clients rock their sales copy in order to increase conversions. She also has a copywriting course where she teaches entrepreneurs the strategies they need to write great sales copy.

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  • Sheena.. Interesting product that I’ll have to test myself. But you don’t include any results from the service. Did you gain followers? Did your engagement go up? etc.

    • heatherheuman

      Yes, I’d love to see more of the process and how it helped more specifically. Good question Scott.

      • Sheena White

        Scott & Heather – at the time I wrote the article, a couple weeks ago, I felt like I needed to test longer before showing results. So at the beginning of July, my client’s @healingblendsglobal account had 174 followers. We’re now at 321. Before I started using the tool, growth was VERY SLOW. I just didn’t have the time to sit on Instagram and find people to engage with. Afterwards I noticed slow but steady growth.

        • Great to see this. I’m always testing tools and tactics. Tested SQ recently!! You should add this to the blog post as I think readers will find value in that. Nearly a 50% increase in 6 weeks..

    • Sheena White

      Scott, you’ll see a response under Heather’s reply. 🙂

  • Natalie Palombi

    I had a bit of success using Instagress about a year ago, but I agree – the things that can’t be avoided with bot usage (liking or following inappropriate accts/posts) were annoying. So, I’m glad to see this is an option.
    Plus, can’t beat a 7-day free trial, right?? Thanks so much for this post, Sheena!

    • Sheena White

      You’re welcome Natalie! And I agree, there were definitely frustrations using bots. I realize it’s not the cheapest tool out there but the value of having a real person doing the work was worth it. 🙂

  • Natalya Dashkevich

    I am only started learning about SM marketing, so I haven’t used any of the tools, but I will definitely use the latter one. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you so much for the informative post…

  • Francesca

    I may have to give that free trial a go…

  • Tatyana Gnyot

    I’m using 1mlnlks and it has the same functions for $10/month

    • Ghostface Braddah

      I can’t translate their site, does it work the same at Popamatic??

  • Sheena, thanks for writing up this article and bringing an interesting tool into public awareness. The human factor is massive in things like this (allowing for things like cultural differences, languages of course), whilst not being an exact science it narrows the odds somewhat.

    Interested to see how a trial works out so will give it a spin, nothing to lose hey? Must admit, they seem to have a nice dashboard and setup that’s quite intuitive, which is a big help.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Michael O’Brien

    Interesting, but this reads like an ad for Popamatic is this a SQ product or are you compensated for your pushing it ?

  • Howard Stribbell

    Hi Sheena,
    Thanks for this review. I gave the free trial a go with my combat fitness gym @warriormacau. It only lasted a week and a saw a small increase in followers but it was enough to convince me to sign up for the year. That was 3 weeks ago and my followers have increased from 371 to 449. That’s 78 new followers or an increase of 20% and I’ve done nothing. As a gym, I want location specific followers as I can’t convert people who don’t live here. However, audience is audience. I think it would be great for online companies or more global companies but it’s still win for me. I’ll be adding another company to their service soon.

  • Sarah Nicole

    Thanks so much for this post Sheena. I’ve been wanting to sign up with them for a while, but was waiting for a review from a verified authority on the subject. The only thing that concerns me is that some people have been “shadowbanned” for emulating supposed bot behaviour even though their efforts are completely manual and popamatic seems to advertise themselves as doing all the services of a bot but manually. Have you experienced any issues? How has your account been doing since your last update?

  • Hey, Sheena! I’m interested into your copywriting course, but your site can’t be reached :(.

  • Cameron Kinney

    This is such BS… Popmatic is just another bot system… If you want real human engagement, I’d try Relaxed Social. They’ve been great so far.

  • Josh

    hey guys, Instavast could be an awesome alternative to Instagress as it has all the tools and cost the same price.

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“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.”
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“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.”
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