How to Use Twitter to Easily Reach a Huge Audience

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  • November 22, 2016

how to use twitter

Learning how to use Twitter is one of the best things I’ve ever done to grow my personal brand.

Since there aren’t any geographical limitations, I quickly learned my Tweets could potentially reach thousands (or more) people.

Because of all the exposure from my Tweets, I’ve been invited to conferences, featured in books, and even Mashable once featured my one of my Tweets!

In this blog post, I will drill down how to to use Twitter to quickly and easily reach a huge audience.

I want your Tweets to reach beyond your family and friends. I want to help you learn how to use Twitter to reach thousands and thousands of relevant people who want to hear what you have to say.

So here’s a list of 10 awesome tips that help me make the most of your Twitter marketing.

1. Schedule your Tweets


We’re at the end of 2016 folks. Scheduling Tweets is the norm these days.

Scheduling tweets is a fantastic way to make sure your Tweets are reaching your audience around the clock. Even when you’re sleeping, this is how to use Twitter to reach a global audience. Why not?

I don’t care what the experts say; it works. I’ve been doing this since I first learned how to use Twitter.

Scheduling will also prevent your Twitter stream from looking too repetitive when you tweet the same thing over and over again. Which segues nicely into my next point…

2. Share articles more than once on Twitter

how to use twitter share blog postsTweets don’t have long shelf lives. In fact, most of the engagement you’ll get from a Tweet happens in the first few minutes after posting it.

With this in mind, you need to tweet the same content multiple times if you want it to be seen. It’s a numbers game.

A trick is to tweet multiple variations of the same content. Mix up headlines and images to make each Tweet unique.

For example, take my article: How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Grow Your Twitter. I’ll first tweet it out using the same headline as the post.

Then every few hours, I’ll tweet links to the same blog post but change the headline to:

– Did you know you can use hashtags to get exposure for your Twitter account?

– How to use Twitter hashtags to get more reach than ever!

– Hashtags can be branded to your company. Ever heard of #JustDoIt? 😉

– Here are six excellent ways you can use hashtag marketing to boost your business on Twitter.

Do they look like the same blog post? Not at all, right? But they will appeal to a larger audience, all of which should like the content contained in the post.

3: Let your personality shine on Twitter

how to use twitter show personality

When thinking about how to use Twitter for your business, it’s crucial to be HUMAN and be YOURSELF. This allows your followers to see there is a real person behind your Tweets.

So, if you tweet with zero engagement or personality, your Twitter account will just look like a bot.

Add personal touches to your Tweets. Tweet your views, what you’re doing that day, show your family, do anything as long as it keeps your stream relevant but human.

There’s nothing wrong with adding some humanity to your Tweets. Be personal and feel free to be controversial if that suits you. Oh, and be fun!
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Diana Adams is a great example of someone who knows how to use Twitter to showcase her personal side.

Just look at this Tweet and you’ll see what I mean.


Her enthusiasm just comes through all her Tweets. You can really tell that she’s sincere and people love her for that. This simple tweet has 6 retweets and 50 likes.

But beyond getting retweets, letting your personality shine through will also entice more people to follow you. People like connecting with people they know they can engage with.

Seeing Tweets like these in a feed is a breath of fresh air from the constant barrage of Tweets with links to blog post.

It’s all about finding a nice balance of personal and promotional Tweet activity.

4. Use visual content on Twitter

how to use twitter visual content

Humans rely heavily on visual content. We love images. In fact, 65% of people are visual learners. I’m included in that category.

According to data by 3M, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

That is the same reason why images just work on Twitter. It attracts our attention and arouses our curiosity.

See how Brian Honigman does it?


Data has proven this over and over, yet not many marketers take advantage of it. It’s possible that some people aren’t using visuals because it takes time to save the photo and upload a picture onto your Twitter stream.

This is why I recommend you use Buffer. They will simply pull a picture from the blog post for you to choose and schedule.


How simple is that?

5. Follow the RIGHT people on Twitter

how to use twitter follow accounts

You’re doing so many things right, yet you’re not getting the results you want. Sound familiar?

It’s time to look into the people you’re following on Twitter.

Here’s the thing: if you’re following people without a solid strategy, it will lead you nowhere.

The key is to follow relevant and highly engaged people on Twitter.

While there is no exact formula to this, a tool that can help you is Social Quant. In fact, Rohit used Social Quant to help grow his Twitter account to over 900 new followers in just 14-days using their free trial period. He also saw a big increase in engagement with those new followers.

6. Tweet a lot!

how to use twitter tweet often

It’s basic math, the more you tweet, the more exposure you’ll get.

My best recommendation is to spread them out by scheduling them. Spread your content several hours apart. Then in between, fill up those blog posts with other people’s content.

The reason why we want to tweet other people’s content is it helps with reciprocity.

Many people will reciprocate when you start sharing their blog posts first.

7. Tag people in images on Twitter

how to use twitter tag users in tweets

In my last post about hashtag marketing, I mentioned several people in my blog post as examples.

Here’s a golden opportunity. What I did next was craft a Tweet, uploaded a photo, and tagged the people who I referred to in those post.


Since I mentioned them, they wouldn’t mind getting tagged at all as it’s relevant to them and their followers if they choose to share the post.

Tagging is important because your tweet will be in front of the people you’ve tagged and that gives you premium exposure. It also increases your chances of these people sharing your post.

8. Pin a Tweet to your profile page

how to use twitter pin a tweet

People, if you don’t have a pinned Tweet, you are missing out on engagement. It’s that simple. If you’ve read my blog posts here, you know I talk about this all the time.

Pinning a tweet just works! People are always looking at your Twitter profile. You need to take full advantage of it.

Leonard Kim has gotten tons of exposure and leads just by doing one thing. Pinning his tweets!

He has collected over 630 emails from his pinned tweets in just two months.


9. Analyze your Tweets with Twitter’s analytics

how to use twitter analyze your tweets

What isn’t measured doesn’t grow. There’s no way to know the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing if you’re not analyzing your tweets.

Personally, I use Twitter’s free analytics platform; it provides me important data that I can use to learn more about my Tweets. They’ll tell me stats like impressions, retweets, link clicks, profile views and so much more. This in invaluable info Twitter is giving away. Take advantage!

To access your Twitter analytics, just click the small profile pic at the top right of your Twitter profile and then the Analytics link. Easy peasy!

I also take a look at Sprout Social as well as Buffer as I use both of these to schedule my Tweets. This trifecta will give me all the data I need to measure my efforts.

10. Say “thank you” to your Tweeps

how to use twitter appreciation

At the end of the day, one of the best “tricks” that is still underutilized by many people is to simply say thank you.

When people share your content, say thank you.

People will not only know you appreciate them sharing; but it also helps build that personal relationship that separates you from the crowd.

Pro Tip: Use Twitter Advanced Search to find people tweeting your content without tagging you!

The good thing is, this technique doesn’t take a lot of time. But, it does take enough time that not many people are willing to invest the time to do it. That allows you to stand out when you do. This is the low hanging fruit of Twitter.

Just look how Buffer does it. They are appreciation machines!


Okay, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Buffer has a team and I’m just a team of ONE. How can I do this?”


Here’s Marsha Collier’s Twitter timeline. Look at how active she is thanking her followers for sharing her tweets.

Also, I’d be remiss to NOT mention Sam Hurley in this section. He truly gets this and engages with his followers like a man possessed. And bonus points for Sam for thanking with awesome GIFs!

how to use twitter sam hurley

Summing Up on How to Use Twitter to Reach a Huge Audience

These are some of the tricks I used to get more exposure from my tweets. You’ve also seen how the experts have done it.

I hope they are helpful for you and help point you in the right direction.

I’m curious, though, are you using other techniques to get more exposure for your tweets? Do leave a comment in the section below. I would love to learn from you.


how to use twitter infographic

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  • Tahmina Day

    Great article, Aaron, thanks! I #2&10 tips are particularly interesting. Look forward to implement them.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Tahmina! Let us know how it works out for you either here or in the Facebook group 🙂 – David

  • This is great! I am using them all except scheduling..I haven’t seen much growth. Only when I was on the free trial. I cant pay for the service at this point. I find the scheduling tools so confusing and not very tech friendly .

    • Hi Valerie, thanks for reading and commenting! Agree that some of the tools are hard to navigate. I love Buffer, though, for me it’s super easy and has a great user experience, especially with the Chrome extension. Have you tried Buffer?

  • Web 4 Small Biz

    Hi loved this post, especially tip number 8.

    • Hey, glad you liked the post! And, yes, a pinned Tweet is so simple but super powerful! Cheers 🙂

  • Beer We Go Steelers

    Great Post!

    • Thanks! So glad you found value in the article 🙂

      Any favorite tip you’re excited to try?

  • Good article. I find that my page views increase if I am active on Twitter. That is, personally chatting with others increases the blog hits. Even if they have only a few followers, it doesn’t matter.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Being active on Twitter is always a good thing 🙂


    Great Post Aaron. Loved this article. Thanks !

  • I am not having much luck with Twitter. I have almost 2K followers, I post regularly — both personal posts and links to my blog, and get hardly any engagement at all, even when I ask questions! Frustrating.