How To Use Twitter Cards to Easily Tweet a Clickable Image

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  • January 24, 2018
Last updated: January 25, 2018

You may have heard the term Twitter Cards thrown around, but do you know what they are? Well, have you noticed that some Tweets have an image with a title and caption that can be clicked?

That’s a Twitter Card. Specifically, a Twitter Website Card.

Today, I’ll detail two methods you can use to create these kinds of Tweets to start driving more traffic back to your website from Twitter.

what is a twitter website card

Creating Twitter Cards FOR FREE with the Ad Platform

One easy and free way to create Twitter website cards is through the Twitter Ads Platform. You will have to create an Ads account and enter credit card information. BUT, you won’t ever have to run or pay for an ad.

Setting Up the Twitter Ads Account

Start by accessing the Twitter Ads platform by clicking your small profile pic to access the drop down menu and choose Twitter ads:


If you haven’t set up an Ads account yet, you’re sent to a screen where you choose between Promote Mode or Twitter Ads – choose Twitter Ads. Next, choose your country and timezone.

Then, you’ll see a page with campaign objectives. Don’t choose one. Instead, look in the top right of the screen and go to the drop down menu by clicking your name. From there, choose the “Add new payment method” option.

Once you’ve added your credit card, you’ll be able to access the Creatives section to start creating your Twitter Website Cards.

Creating Twitter Website Cards

Look to the top left of the Ads platform screen and click the Creatives drop down and select the Cards option.

twitter cards creatives

Next, click the blue Create Card button and choose the Website Card option.

You’re now prompted to select an image (use one with a 1:19 : 1 ratio to avoid any cropping), enter a headline, the URL you want the visitor to go to when they click, and name the image.

When you’re done, your form should look something like this:

create twitter website card

Click the blue Create button and now you’re ready to create and send out a Tweet with the Website Card attached.

Tweeting Out a Twitter Website Card

Once you create the card, you’re taken to the Cards library page. Hover over the card you just made and click the Tweet icon:

tweet a twitter website card

Now, just write your Tweet, uncheck the “Promoted-only” box and schedule or Tweet it out.

twitter card example

The finished product for the example above looks like this in the Twitter feed:

tweeted twitter card

Since the image and description are clickable, you don’t have to include the link in the body of the Tweet. However, I suggest that you do anyway because many people are conditioned to look for links in Tweets.

And now this Card will be saved in your library in the Ads account. So, you can come back and create new Tweets with different copy whenever you like.

Now, let’s take a look at another way you can create shareable Twitter Website Cards on your blog posts.

Creating Twitter Cards with a WordPress Plugin

One easy way to create a Twitter website card if you have a WordPress site is with a plug in. Here at Social Quant, we use Social Warfare and it works great to create Twitter cards with a pre-populated Tweet others can share with just a click.

When you install Social Warfare on your site, you’ll see the interface to set up your social sharing at the bottom of the page where you compose your post.

Here’s what that looks like and what the fields do to create a Twitter card with a clickable image.

twitter card social warfare

The “Social Media Image” will be the clickable image in the Tweet. Then the three fields on the right will set the Card headline, Card description, and the Tweet copy.

The finished product with the above settings looks like this:

As you can see, create a Twitter card with Social Warfare actually gives you a description in the Card that you don’t get when creating in the Ads platform.

Now, you can just go to your own blog and click the Tweet share option from the plugin, adjust the Tweet copy if you want, and Tweet it out whenever you like.

Pretty nifty, huh?

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it’s easy to create a Twitter Website Card with a clickable image, headline, and description.

It’s an awesome way to include more information in  your Tweets and some extra clicks with a hyperlinked image.

So, are you excited to create some Twitter Website Cards? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section with your ideas on how to use these to drive more traffic from Twitter!

twitter cards image size

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  • Very well explained David! And thanks for mentioning Social Warfare. 😉

  • Hello David – thanks for a great read – I installed Social Warfare and haven’t ever seen a social share tool handle things quite the way this one does. I’m liking it very much.

    However, I’ve got a problem.

    Above you speak of how you can setup the cards with social posts. I can’t find what you are speaking of anywhere in my WordPress project.

    I’ve looked under posts (that seems to be where you are talking about), settings directly within the plugin and settings under the dashboard control console. I don’t find what you are referencing in any of the 3 areas.

    I’m going to have Social Warfare going only on my posts and not pages because of my own preferences. But, could you provide me with a bit more guidance on exactly how to find what you are referencing? Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Guy, sure thing! The screenshots above where you enter the info into Social Warfare will actually be found at the bottom of the page where you compose your blog posts. So if you’ve installed the plug in, you should be able to scroll down on the blog post composer page in WordPress and find that section.

      Cheers! 🙂

  • Don Shetterly

    I actually use Yoast and it does the Twitter Cards great. I love this feature.

    • Can you tell me more about how Yoast does the Twitter Cards? I’m very interested in this.

      • Don Shetterly

        In the Yoast SEO plugin, there is a section to enable twitter cards and once that is set up, it does it automatically from there on.

  • Thanks David for a very useful, step-by-step post. Is there any way to use these Twitter cards in a automated recurring manner? Per Mike’s SocialQuant recommendation, I have been using Socialoomph to automate my posting. It is a huge time saver. I wondered if there is a way to use a tool like Socialoomph to automatically and recurringly post these cards.

    • Hey Patrick. great question!

      You know, there used to be a hack to do this where you could get the URL for the card from somewhere (I believe it was in the Ads platform or on the actual tweet itself if you looked at it’s details) and add that to a tweet in a scheduler.

      I actually tried to detail the instructions on how to do that when I updated this post but unfortunately it seems Twitter has changed some things and I just can’t find how to do that anymore.

      If you do find a way, I’d love to hear about it and I’ll update the post but I don’t think there is one anymore 🙁