How to Generate Leads Like Crazy Without Blogging

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  • February 23, 2017

how to generate leads

Want more leads? Of course you do! Who doesn’t?!

Struggling to collect leads because you don’t have a blog? Or maybe you have a blog but it doesn’t get much traffic?

You have come to the right place, my friend!

Welcome to the first of a two-part series on how to generate leads with or without a blog!

In today’s post, we’ll cover how to generate leads WITHOUT a blog.

Already have a rocking blog? Awesome! These strategies can definitely still help you. But also stay tuned because next week we’ll cover how to get leads using your blog content.

Let’s get started!

First things first: Create a lead magnet

Simply put, a lead magnet is content that is given away to someone in exchange for their email address. It could be an eBook, a report, an infographic, a cheat sheet, a freebie – the list goes on and on. The reason we give something away is to entice a potential lead to provide you with their contact information.

Types of Lead Magnets

These are the typical types of lead magnets that tend to work.

  • Guide report

  • Cheat sheet

  • Resource list

  • Infographic

  • Video training

  • Free trial

  • Assessment or Tests

  • Coupon code

How to create a killer lead magnet

Creating a lead magnet is all about knowing your customer. To get started, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your consumer?

  • What does he or she want from you?

  • How can your products or services fill those desires?

  • Which social media platforms are they typically on?

Know your target market or the demographics of people you’d like to have signed up for your email list.

When you do this, it allows you to refine your offer so that your lead magnet attracts not just plenty of leads, but well-qualified leads that will convert to sales.

I recommend spending some time doing this. And definitely do not skip this step.

If you’re giving away a report, eBook, infographic or any informational products, here’s a couple tips to get you started.

  • Do a basic Google search

Google’s suggestion box that drops down when you start typing is an excellent way to know what people are searching for. Just type the first word, put a space and wait for Google to work its magic!


If you need more, there’s also a list given at the bottom of your search results.


  •  Use Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool to search what people are sharing. What it also tells you is what people are interested in. That’s why they are sharing it.

For example, if I searched for the key term “yoga” I can see that people are interested in posts about yoga poses and yoga symbols. That could potentially be turned into a quick guide for you to create and give away.


Once you have something to giveaway, it’s time for the fun part!

After you figured out how to do this, all you have to do is set up a basic landing page that people can use to give you their email. You can use services like:

Landing pages are the most important in terms of conversions. Even Neil Patel offers an advanced customer acquisition webinar as a landing page. He is the master of conversions and leads. If he’s doing it, he’s onto something.


How to promote a lead magnet without a blog

I’m sure you’re wondering, how can you get more traffic? The good news is, traffic is all around you.

1. Use

As I mentioned earlier. Traffic is everywhere. Why not take advantage of it when you share a tweet or a post on Facebook? It’s a great way to target relevant people. You can do that with

What is basically add a call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post of the links you share. Since you’re already sharing content on Twitter, why not take advantage of it; right?!

How to quickly set up your

Sign up for a free or premium plan. Once you have signed up. Click the Visit Dashboard link:


Next, all you have to do is choose a link you want to share. For this example, I’ll take one of my blog posts on Ask Aaron Lee that I’m about to share on Twitter. Paste it and create snip.


You’ll be directed to this page where you can create a brand, which is an avatar that will appear when you share a post like the one below.


Click on “type” to get started.


Here, all you have to do is select what you want your snip to look like.

Button looks like this:

Text links like this:


Forms like this:


For pictures, you’re basically uploading an image.

After you’ve selected what you want. Set your call to action.


Click continue and choose to customize if you want.

Once you’ve done that. You’re all set. Just click on where you want to share those links. I chose Twitter.

Here’s what it looks like on Twitter:


Here’s what it looks when someone clicks on my link to my blog:

After you’ve set your first snip, in the future, it will quickly have your call to action button since it’s all saved. You can choose what call to action appears when people click on the link.


How smart is that?

Pro tip: A trick you can do is copy that shared link. Go to Twitter and upload a photo for better conversions. Alternatively, you can choose to schedule them it.

2. Offer a giveaway or run a contest/sweepstakes

One quick method to grow your leads quickly without a blog is to giveaway your product or services.

Giveaways are useful when you’re launching something new and need exposure.

Josh Earl, a freelance writer, ran a giveaway for his text editor called Sublime Text. After growing his email list to 5,500 subscribers, he ran another giveaway contest to attract even more people to sign up for his list using Kingsumo. The results? He collected 187,991 email addresses.


3. Twitter

Twitter is a huge social network. And do you know they a have built-in feature for lead generation? They’re called Lead Cards.

Twitter Lead Cards are a great way how to generate leads from Twitter followers in exchange for an offer. This simple one-click signup can boost your conversions.

Using Lead Cards is an effective way to increase your conversions by pinning them to the top of your profile page. Here’s a great example from Jeff Bullas. This tweet alone had 187 retweets and 221 likes.


If that’s not enough, prepare to have you mind blown by these stats on just one tweet from Leonard Kim. Seriously, check out these numbers!

Don’t forget to take full advantage of your Twitter cover photo too. That’s prime Twitter real estate that you can use to promote your lead magnet offer.

4. Facebook

Another great place to promote your lead magnet is your Facebook Page.

Use your Facebook header and call to action button to your advantage. You’re wasting a ton of traffic and potential leads if you’re not.

If you already have a large base of likes, promote your lead generation post by boosting it. Relatively speaking, it’s cheaper than targeting new fans.

5. Get on SlideShare

SlideShare is a content sharing platform solely focused around slide decks, and they get a lot of traffic. But how to generate leads with SlideShare?

Easy! They have a lead generation feature that allows you to embed a form at the end of a deck.

What you need to do is create slide decks that are highly relevant to your target audience. Here’s a deck that I created and published on SlideShare that has over 20,000 views.

6. Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for leads.

I learned this from Nathan Chan, the founder of Foundr Magazine. Nathan has managed to grow his Instagram account to 950,000 followers and has generated over 100k leads from it. How can you do it?


In a nutshell, it’s all about connecting with the right audience and growing an audience with methods like shoutout for shoutout and buying shoutouts.

In fact, Nathan shares in depth how he did it in his Instagram eBook.

7. Create a group on LinkedIn

Not many marketers know the potential of LinkedIn. Case study after case study reveals that LinkedIn, on average, drives the most customers to B2B companies.

Neil Patel recommends creating a LinkedIn group. Why? It allows you to find qualified leads and establish your credibility.

He also recommends doing a cross-promotion with other groups. What you do is tell your members about their group, and they’ll do the same for you.

To see the full strategy check out this post.

8. Guest posting

Guest posting is still effective, and one of my favorite methods to get leads QUICK. It’s like getting invited to speak at a conference packed with relevant people.

All you have to do is add value and get them wanting more. But don’t sell! It’s a turn-off and doesn’t add value.

Pro tip: Your bio’s call-to-action should always lead to a custom landing page that captures leads. In truth, most guest bloggers don’t do this and it kills their conversion rates. Others make a mistake of linking solely to their blog.

Here’s a great example from Alex Turnbull. This is a link from one his guest post on Buffer.


Summing up:

These are some of the techniques that I’ve seen some of my favorite marketers use to grow their list without a blog.

What do you think? Are there any other methods that work? I’d love to hear how you generate leads in the comments section below!

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  • Linda Lovero-Waterhouse

    Great tips! What contest platforms do you recommend?

    • Glad you like the post! We’ve had success with – pretty easy UX and has lots of sharing options for entries as well as email sign ups and allows multiple entries. If you (or anyone else) has a different platform you like, we’d love to hear about it – always trying new thing 🙂

  • Tony Mills

    So much here. Better than a E Book. Had to book mark to constantly come back to and reference and work through all this great information. Wow. You guys are brilliant. Love your stuff Aaron Lee.

    • Hey Tony! Thanks so much and glad you found value in the post! Check back in and let us know how these tactics are working for you if you have the time 🙂

  • Love this post. Very comprehensive and definitely a great reference for anyone who are looking to increase traffic and leads. Can’t wait for upcoming related post!

    • Thanks, Zailinah! We’re excited too – Aaron really hit a home run with this one 🙂

  • Hap Hannah

    The best post on social media leads. What do you recommend for someone new to social media? Is there one or two channels that are easier to get started?

    • We love Twitter and have a free 14-day course that will let you hit the ground running! You can join here:

      Facebook is also great for marketing but you’ll probably want to invest in ads. The good news is, with the right targeting, you can get a TON of bang for your buck with FB advertising right now. Our friend Kim Garst’s blog has tons of great info on getting started with Facebook:

  • Amazing post Aaron! I am not a big fan of Twitter but I think I’m trying it again. Also, I agree with Instagram, it definitely helps. But I was wondering, what do you think about Facebook?

  • WhatArmy

    Guest Post and Twitter gives us the best results. Also, having a strong lead magnet that can add genuine value to one’s target audience is a great way to generate leads.
    Thanks for this post….lot to take home from this write-up!

  • Brian Belfitt

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed infographics becoming a huge part of online resources for blogging. I’ve never considered it as a part of a lead generation tool but I could see how it would work successfully. I really like the idea of offering a free trial for your service I think that’s a great way to get new clients. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work for every client so sometimes you might be doing a lot of work with a little results but perhaps the return on investment will pay off in the end.

    • Hey Brian, thanks for reading and commenting. Free trials work great for SaaS companies but, yes, could see some issues with other business models offering a free trial.

  • Excellent post Aaron. Generating targeted leads is the biggest challenge for any product owner and social media can work as a powerful tool. I haven’t ever using Twitter given that lifespan of tweets is very less.

    But thanks for the tips, will apply your strategies.