How to Attract Customers (And Keep Em!) – Lessons from Buffer

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  • April 21, 2017

how to attract customers


Where do I begin? I’ll start by saying that Buffer knows how to attract customers and is a master at keeping them around (I know because I’m one of them).

It all starts with the fact that they’re a fantastic company run by an amazing team of people. I know the founders personally, and I’ve seen them grow right in front my eyes to what they are today.

I must say that it has been an incredible experience witnessing such a feat.

There are many things businesses and startups can learn from Buffer.

Today I want to highlight some of the amazing customer acquisition and retention strategies Buffer employs.

How Buffer rocks customer acquisition

Buffer has a great product

You can’t build a successful company and attract customers without a great product – and there’s no denying Buffer has one. People love their social media scheduling platform. It’s simple, reliably and does what it promises. Without that, nothing else really matters.

Buffer has a great company culture

“Focusing on your company culture and values allows you to build a great company. It allows you to stop operating by policy and start operating by principle.” – Leo Wildrich

'Focusing on your culture & values allows you to build a great company.' - Leo WildrichClick To Tweet

That is an amazing quote from the co-founder of Buffer.

Workplace culture is important. It defines how well people support and serve each other. The company came up with ten core values that they try to live by at Buffer. While it’s not set on stone, it does give a general outline of the company and the people within the company.

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These values keep everyone in the company aligned and on the same track. They inspire personal growth and that has a positive impact on the company as a whole.

Buffer’s landing copy works

According to Leadpages, a high-converting headline that attracts customers is typically:

  • Specific

  • Benefit and/or challenge-focused:

  • Clear

  • Just long enough

Buffer’s landing copy is simple, straight forward and, most importantly, effective.

ways to attract customers

In fact, it hasn’t changed much over the years and that’s probably because it works so well. Buffer understands the value proposition of what the company is truly about: Saving time. Here’s an excerpt:

“Save time managing your social media. Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.”

Another intriguing thing that I would like to point out is their call to action. Buffer’s CTA cuts straight to the potential customers desired outcome – scheduling their first post now.

how to get more customers

The CTA is clear and unambiguous. THAT’S how to attract customers!

Buffer has a talkable difference

When I spoke to John Jantsch, he mentioned that if you want to increase word of mouth or get referred, you need to have a talkable difference. Buffer’s talkable difference is its transparency and their openness to everything, including:

  • Salary

  • Pitch Deck

  • What they’ve learned

  • Struggles

  • Successes

These talkable differences are, in fact, a great way to add value, a key point to separate themselves from their competitors and a way to be top of mind when it comes to their service. Even people who don’t use Buffer know about their transparency. When those people decide to use a scheduling platform one day, they will think of Buffer.

How Buffer crushes customer retention

Buffer loves their community

Buffer don’t just have a customer service team. Their team is comprised of:

  • Happiness Heroes

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Community Champion

With this team in place, they view every tweet as an opportunity.

They engage with as many people as possible, help and solve everyone’s issues and even give back by sending awesome supporters SWAG like stickers and sometimes even t-shirts, handwritten notes and more.

how to attract customers to your website

Every single person who tweets, messages or emails them is clearly important.

Buffer send Awesome emails to customers

Buffer also has super smart customer retention strategies.

They have a well thought-out onboarding email strategy and they send a simple email that retains customers.

They make onboarding hassle-free with their simple and friendly email.

  • The Onboarding Email

how to attract customers to my website

It may look simple, but it’s helpful email written in a really kind manner. It’s friendly and it makes you feel welcomed. The email address is also a nice touch.

The key to an effective onboarding email is to write it like you’re having a conversation. They clearly got this right.

Also, a big part of the conversational approach is responsiveness. To demonstrate this I created a test account and responded to their email to test how quick I would hear back.

how to attract customers to my website

22 minutes!

They also know how to retain a customer by sending helpful reminders. For instance, Buffer will remind you that your queue is empty to encourage you to keep using their service.

Other awesome emails include:

  • The emails about a tweet taking off

Their emails about a tweet taking off is an awesome way Buffer let’s you know what’s working and how you can apply that to other tweets. They are basically handing you everything you need to succeed.

strategy to attract customers online

Knowing what works is critical.

If you don’t see this feature, you can enable it at My Account > Email Settings.

methods to attract customers

Buffer knows that customers will get value out of their service if they queue content to publish. The email is a great way to remind them to keep using their service, hence customers will stick around because they continuously appreciate the value Buffer provides (and are reminded of it).

I’ve also heard that Buffer would email you if you’ve not used them in a while. I’ve don’t know for sure because I’ve never given them the opportunity to send me an email like that ;).

  • Thankful emails

I’ve been on both of Buffer’s free plans and paid plans. I’ve even recommended clients to use them. Everyone that uses them tells me the same thing: They love their payment emails that say that ‘you make Buffer possible.’

As I mentioned, Buffer is all about building a community and they want you to feel a part of that. When you decide to upgrade to a premium plan, you’ll receive this email from the founder.

how to get customers online

Then every month, you’ll get an invoice that’s also a cool reminder that you’ve helped them and that you’re part of their journey.

how to get more customers email

Wrapping it up:

Buffer’s successes are not one dimensional. It comes from a combination of a well-oiled machine, leadership, a great product, well-established marketing strategy and great teamwork to execute its plans.

The result is Buffer’s share-worthy success story.

There’s so much one can learn just by following and applying how Buffer is out there kicking arse attracting and keeping customers!

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