Here’s What 3 Of The Best Brands On Twitter Are Doing (You’ve Seriously Got To Copy This For Your Business)

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  • September 15, 2015

Do you know the best brands on Twitter in your niche?

Successful Twitter marketing can be intimidating for newbies or even the more advanced social media users, but the3 Brands ROCKING It on Twitter path to enlightened strategies is easy to find once you learn to look in the right places.

And the right places are in front of you.

Regardless of what industry you’re in or how you want to advance your Twitter account, the inspiration lies in the form of your competitors.

I don’t consider other businesses/people in my industry to be “competitors,” instead I view them as other accounts from which to gain wisdom and creativity.

Your “competitors” provide you plenty of ways to amp up your current strategy and get those brainstorming cells jiving.

But how?

The first step is to identify successful Twitter competitor accounts producing a lot of engagement.

The number of followers is useless in this activity because the real health of any Twitter account isn’t defined solely by the more Twitter followers they might have, but by Twitter engagement and sharing.

An account who’s nailing Twitter marketing will share a wide variety of content, be consistent with their posting (whether in days or amounts), show lots of personality, be present to interact with followers, exemplify incredible customer service, and provide lots of value for their followers.

The deal is, your competition (if viewed correctly) can make you MUCH better. They will give you ideas, help you push the limits, spark your creative approach, and provide you with an example of what you should be striving to be.

With this exercise, the sky is the limit. If you create electronics like Apple, but are a small company – it doesn’t matter.

Look at the best brands on Twitter that resonate with you in your industry. Choose accounts that you personally follow and enjoy. And start taking notes!

Surrounding ourselves with the best ensures we become the best brand on Twitter in our niche.

Here’s 3 Twitter accounts I consider to be excellent quality and would consider to be competition if we were in the same industry.

Exploding Kittens

In full disclosure, this is not a brand I would typically be interested in. But it was recommended to me because Exploding Kittens is the most-funded Kickstarter campaign to date. And that’s quite the accomplishment!

As the bio reads, EK is “A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.”

Well, okay. Whatever.

The point is, they ROCK their Twitter marketing in every way, except one.

It’s a personal preference, but something that isn’t uncommon among big brands: they are only following 9 people.

I’ve always been a big advocate for brands following their fans – if you love them, show them some love by following them.

But other than that, EK knows how to do Twitter right. Why?

  1. They utilized the Pinned Tweet feature to announce the game can be purchased via Amazon. This ensures anyone who comes to their stream on Twitter will see this tweet first, which will lead to traffic or purchases.

best brands on Twitter 2015

  1. There’s a steady stream of content flowing through their feed. A quick scroll down the feed is anything but boring, and certainly isn’t solely comprised of words. What this shows is that EK is present and available to interact and share.

Best brands on Twitter 2014

  1. Lots of interaction. Click on the Tweets & replies tab and you’ll immediately see there is a LOT of talk going on between followers and EK.

best brands on Twitter 2013

  1. They’re bangin’ out customer service. Just because it’s a card game doesn’t mean people don’t have issues or questions about the merchandise, and EK is available to dole out answers and offers to take things off Twitter when necessary.

Best brands on Twitter 2012

  1. Lots of personality. EK isn’t afraid to promote, and when they do, they bring kittens AND take pictures!! Smart people.

best brands on twitter 2011

There’s plenty more to say about EK that’s good, but I’ll let other accounts share some of the praise.

The thing I enjoy the most, is that EK makes Twitter work for a simple card game.

They could easily rely on the other more visual networks, Facebook/Instagram/Tumble, etc., but instead they went full throttle with Twitter and provide entertainment, customer service, and are excellent at promoting themselves without being too salesy.

Dollar Shave Club

This product can’t solve any issues for me as a woman, but I had to give the Dollar Shave Club props after a friend referred them to me. I’ve seen their smart advertising on Facebook, but hadn’t looked them up on Twitter.

I was captivated – another brand doing it right. And unlike Exploding Kittens, DSC follows some of its fans back. And although I can’t guarantee this, it’s probably for customer service issues that need to be discussed via Direct Messaging (DM).

  1. Killer background photo. As soon as you land on the Twitter account, the background picture will make you smile. It’s comical and yet, very useful. It’s a mini story that most men will relate to instantly, and shows DSC has personality.

best brand on Twitter

Background photos should work in conjunction with the profile photo to back up the brand, but whenever possible, utilize photos that tell an instant story and garner an emotional reaction.

  1. Pinned VIDEO tweet. DSC went one step further than EK and pinned a video tweet that not only introduces their product, but makes you laugh. No matter how unnecessary a product or service is to my everyday life, when a business makes me laugh – it gains my instant respect. And by utilizing a video as their pinned tweet, they show social media savviness.

being the best brand on twitter

Video’s are IN baby, and DSC isn’t afraid to use them.

  1. Relevant and valuable content. It’s Labor Day and DSC has a mouth-watering recipe for tacos to hit those creativity buttons in the kitchen. They don’t just want you to look good, they also want their followers to eat good.

creative brands on twitter

Plus, it shows they’re relevant by posting content specifically for the holiday. Don’t just post content to post content, take holidays into account and other interests your followers enjoy, i.e. food.

  1. Humor. I’ve already talked about the mega-power of making a follower laugh, but DSC goes a step further with their “Your razor’s so old…” jokes to spruce up the feed. I mean seriously, this rocks AND it will sell more product. Guaranteed.

how to be the best brand on Twitter

DSC isn’t just sharing content with posting a few humorous tweets here and there, it’s written all over everything they do and there’s plenty of laughs to go around. And it’s given their brand a very attractive personality, even to a girl who doesn’t need their product.

  1. They ask for feedback. A lot of businesses miss out on the opportunity to get real-time commentary on their products/services because they simply don’t ask. Your social networks should be a place for you to do research for your business! Utilize the people who love and interact with your brand to find out what questions they have, what they’d like more of/less of or just what they think.

best brands on Twitter today

Don’t miss out on the most valuable feedback you could ever get by not asking.

The Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic example of a good brand killing it on Twitter. They aren’t perfect – I’d like to see more variety in their content, but overall they’re doing a great job. And if you click on the Tweets & replies, you’ll see they’re very busy interacting, answering questions, and providing customer service.

Whole Foods

I love Whole Foods, and if I made a bajillion dollars then I could shop there everyday.

But since I don’t, I can enjoy the Twitter account, get lusty over the shared pics, and have plenty of healthy recipes to keep me busy for a long time.

Whole Foods, although a major brand, is only a grocery store, which falls within a visual industry. But if you think about it – marketing a grocery store takes work! And if it isn’t done correctly then it would be a boring account to follow.

However, WF does an excellent job marketing their products in a joyful way and providing plenty of value to followers.

  1. Recipes galore. If you want to sell food, then make people hungry. It’s quite simple really, but you’d be surprised as how many other similar brands can’t get that concept. WF share’s a LOT of recipes, so even if you aren’t into WF or don’t have one in your area, their Twitter stream will provide you plenty of enjoyment.

top brands on twitter

Make sure to blend your value content with the interests of the people who would use your product or service. WF looks like they care about your family eating healthy food, but they also have to sell a product. When content works both ways, it’s an instant win.

  1. PLENTY of visuals. What type of content is CRUSHING it online these days? Visual content. And WF utilizes every opportunity they can to share mouth-watering photos that will not only catch your attention, but get you sharing with friends fast.

brands advertising on Twitter

I just perused their feed and can’t wait to finish this blog, so I can cook! THAT is winning.

  1. Share their followers content. WF isn’t one of the big brands who don’t follow their fans back – they follow! And they share. And they share relevant content that will be interesting to their audience. This tweet didn’t mention WF or any of it’s products, but it definitely covered a subject that WF lovers would want to know about.

best brands advertising on Twitter

Don’t just share content that touts your brand’s name, think of your audience and what will be of use to them.

  1. They post consistently. There’s no picture to accompany this point because it would be difficult to show, but you can trust that WF is the most consistent tweeter on this list. And they don’t just go for the 1-2x/day, like most brands. They go all in and include photos with almost every tweet.

Consistency will earn you the trust and credibility with your audience faster than anything because when you consistently show up, others will do the same.

  1. Using “I” when replying. There are very few big brands that utilize “I” when addressing the audience in any manner, and due to the popularity of personalization online – this strategy rocks. My biggest beef with WF in regards to this particular use would be that if they’re going to use the “I” when replying, they should announce who is managing the account in the bio.

brands using Twitter

But even without doing that, they are making the person they talk to feel like they’re talking to a person instead of a company. Tiny nuances like this can make a dramatic impact on interaction.

If you aren’t following Whole Foods already, and enjoy food – get on it!

The WF account is one of my favorites when it comes to big brands because not only are they doing awesome marketing, but they’re tickling my tastebuds.

I tried to touch on different strengths with each Twitter account, and show you what successful accounts do and how they have successful Twitter strategies that work.

The next thing to do is to pinpoint which are the best brands on Twitter in your industry that stand out and begin using them as inspiration to up your own Twitter strategy.

We can learn so much from those already successful in what we are aspiring to do.

What’s a brand you love on Twitter?

Author Ahna Hendrix

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  • Great suggestions here and loved to learn about these brands and how they are all so different in their approaches. Thanks for putting all of this together!

  • Great suggestions here and loved to learn about these brands and how they are all so different in their approaches. Thanks for putting all of this together!

  • Kate

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  • Kate

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  • Excellent article. Great to see what works and how it works for brands…esp the successful ones! Thank you!

    • Thanks Diane and we love the quality of Ahna’s posts. Thanks for visiting Social Quant 🙂


    This is good, love it. Life is all about learning from others. Thanks for posting.

  • Great post, and great list of examples. Consistency and images, the big two! Really loved the points about Whole Foods

    • Hey Kyle! Thanks for reading and commenting! Agreed – Dollar Shave Club really nailed the humor, not an easy task 🙂

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