How to Become a Twitter Marketing Expert with $0 Budget

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  • August 31, 2016

Twitter Marketing Expert No Budget

I love Twitter.

Twitter was the platform I used to grow and advance my career.

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve been featured on:

  • Forbes
  • Inc
  • Entrepreneur
  • & much more.

It just works. All it takes is a little Twitter marketing tact. I’m the living proof of it and I did it with ZERO budget.

So…why Twitter?

Twitter is the best platform to grow your expertise because it’s an open platform with no limitations, unlike others where you need to be connected from both ends to engage with people. It also doesn’t come with the financial push of Facebook or LinkedIn.

How can Twitter marketing help you to be known as an expert in your field?

I’ll show you all the tricks I have up my sleeves. I’ll leave nothing out in this blog post. I’ve personally used every single one of these tricks to help me grow to over 490,000 Twitter followers and become the expert in my field.

Here’s how I became a Twitter marketing expert with $0 budget.

1. Start following others

Common sense right? YES, but you can’t skip this step – it’s the FIRST step.

Imagine you’re at an event and you’re about to meet new people. You approach someone, make eye contact, smile, and then you network.

On Twitter, it starts with following others first. But it’s easier said than done with Twitter. It’s a huge network.

How do you find people to follow? These are two of my most effective tricks.

  • Trick #1:

One of my favorite methods is going through someone else’s Twitter lists (especially your competitors’…shhh). The reason why Twitter lists work is that people have spent time and effort to strategically list these people. So these lists are not only great resources but most importantly, RELEVANT ones.

It’s easy to find relevant people to follow going through ready-made lists.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to a Twitter profile. Then click on LISTS.twitter lists

Step 2: Click member of

how to find twitter list

Step 3: Then click on any Twitter lists to open them up.

twitter followers twitter lists

Step 4. Click on lists members

follow twitter lists

Step 5: Follow away

get more follower twitter lists

  • Trick #2:

Another trick is to follow people who are retweeting others on Twitter. These usually  show that these people are highly active participants on Twitter. Just like at an event, you’ll want to connect with people who actually make great conversational partners.

All you have to do to find these people is to find the title/headline or use the link of a popular blog post and then search that headline on Twitter to find people who are retweeting that post.

I’ll show you using Social Quant’s 54 Best Twitter Growth Hacking Posts On The Internet blog post which has over 1,000 shares on Twitter. Just take the URL of the blog post, enter it in the search field in Twitter and voila!

find relevant people to follow twitter

Just like that you’ve searched people retweeting the blog post. Now all you have to do is scroll over their profiles which will make a popup appear. Then click follow.

While this method is slower than the first method, you will find highly relevant and active people on Twitter.

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2. Engage with five new people a day

Our second method is super easy but is often underutilized. Remember I said Twitter is like going to an event? You now need to engage with your new people. A productive networking event is not about talking to one person. You should talk and network with as many people as possible. It’s the same on Twitter.

What I like to do is talk to five new people a day. Go through their tweets and start responding to them. People will notice you when they hear from you.

You can engage by:

  • Saying a simple hello
  • Retweeting them
  • Responding to their tweets
  • Send them a .GIF or video

Let your personality shine in those tweets. Just be human and be YOU. There aren’t any scripts and you probably won’t even need them.

3. Jump into conversations

The third method to our how to become a Twitter marketing expert is crucial, so pay attention.

One trick I learned many years ago was to hack my way into conversations. That’s how I got the attention of many of the top influencers to follow me.

I see two people talking about a something and I’ll jump right in.

This trick works better if you are already connected with one of them. That way he/she would respond, and you guys can keep the conversation going.

Here’s an example. I was chatting with ‏@JUHLiSELBy about how refreshing it was to get real responses on Twitter and @debbiediscovers joined our conversation. We were talking about botting, and @debbiediscovers showed us how she could find if a person is botting or not.

twitter growth hacking

That’s how Deborah got me to notice her even more. It’s a great way attract attention to your tweets and show your expertise.

The trick is to not be pushy and try to sell everything. Instead, just demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and add value to the conversation.

So, for example, if two people are talking about finding the perfect domain, you can share tricks you used to find a great domain such as searching for expired domains. That’s how you network and put yourself on the map to be known as an expert in your industry.

4. Participate in Twitter chats

Regularly attending Twitter chats is one of the best methods to become known as an expert in your industry.

If you don’t know what a Twitter chat is, imagine speaking to over 50 people at once. Everyone contributes their knowledge about a particular topic and question.

Keep showing up in Twitter chats armed with knowledge and insights and you will get noticed. If you keep it up, you may even be invited to these chats personally.

That’s how I got invited to be a guest on several Twitter chats. I’ve even moderated a few.

There are many Twitter chats for writers, marketers, developers, dads, moms, finance, fashion, travel and much more.

Here’s how you can find Twitter chat in your industry

5. Share awesome content

Being a resource for great content is the smartest way to gain a loyal following.

You can share your own content as well as mixing it up by sharing other people’s content. I like to tell people that if they retweet someone a few times, people will notice them. It works.

Sharing great content on Twitter doesn’t have to be tedious or time-consuming. There are tricks and tools which can help you expedite this:

  • Subscribe to RSS
  • Following lists
  • Quuu

Once you find the content you want to share, you need to make sure you have a regular schedule. You can do this by scheduling your tweets with platforms such as

6. Have a great Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is your elevator pitch. You need a really good one.

According to research, the average attention span of an adult is about 6 to 8 seconds. That’s all the time you have to grab someone’s attention.

You’ll probably have even less time on Twitter. If you’ve successfully engaged with someone new, you only have a few precious seconds to convince them to follow you. This is the importance of your Twitter bio.

Invest time to craft a killer bio. There are many approaches to this.

A mistake many make is using hashtags in their bio. It doesn’t say much about you or your expertise. Plus, those hashtags are clickable and can actually take people away from your profile – the absolute last thing you want to happen!

While I can’t tell you what type of bio you should be aiming for, I do recommend you look at a few of your competitors and influencers to get an idea.

For me, I use humor and it never fails to attract someone’s attention. I talk about me running my own business and I have awesome hair.

great twitter bio

It’s a real trick to getting someone’s attention and for them to remember you.

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7. Use analytics

Twitter analytics is critical. It tells you what’s working and what’s not. It tells you where can improve your tweet activity and get better growth.

twitter analyticsWith Twitter’s free analytics you would know:

  • % new Twitter followers
  • profit visits
  • who your top influencers are
  • your followers demographics
  • the best times to tweet
  • who sends you the most clicks
  • and so much more

What you’ll find your Twitter analytics is pure gold.

I highly recommend you to spend time in your Twitter analytics to get an idea to what you need to improve and spend more time on.

8. Start your own Twitter chat

After you’ve succeeded with doing everything from point #1 to point #7. You can consider taking your expertise to the next level by organizing your own Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat not only allows you to continue market you and your expertise, but also allows you to connect with other influential people in your industry. I’ve actually started one from scratch many months ago and I was able to connect with people like Guy Kawasaki to Mike Kawula. I not only got more Twitter followers, my engagement tripled after building so many relationships with others in my chat.

The key is making sure you’re spending the time to join other chats first before starting your own.

Summing up:

I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps, you’ll be a Twitter marketing expert in no time. Sure, they do take some grinding at first, but it pays off. Trust me! I’ve reaped the rewards.

What do you think? I want to learn from you, what have you done previously that worked out?

Twitter Marketing Expert No Budget Infographic

Author Aaron Lee

Aaron has been writing and sharing social media tips on since 2010. He's also written for websites such as TNW, Success, Social Media Examiner, Mashable & many more. He recently started , a fashion blog for short men.

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    • Thanks Rita! Good luck on taking that next step 🙂 – let us know how these strategies work out for you and thanks for visiting Social Quant!

  • Great tips and article. Infographic is also a nice way to visualize the tips.

    • Thanks, Tess! Glad you found value in the post. Good luck implementing some of the tips 🙂

  • Great post, few of the tips I was following already but never knew about rest of awesome tips. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely look forward to every tip 🙂

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“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.”
— Andrew Warner, Mixergy
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“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.”
— Andrew Warner, Mixergy